Spotlight: Uniqueness with Sexiness

November 4, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

Minh's IS -15
Being unique is one of the trends these days when it comes to being stance'd. Let's be honest, the stance scene has grown so fast in the automotive world, when we go to our local car meet or event, we at least see one car that's low and on wheels sitting flush all around. When there is a major stance meet, you'll either see totally different or somewhat similar looking cars. The best way to be attractive from all the others? Be unique!
Here's a car that has a set of very common wheels but stands out from all the others. Minh, from Orange County, CA, is the owner of this sexy Lexus IS 300 on Enkei RPF1's, custom painted by Simple Wheel Werks.

Minh's IS -22

I'm pretty sure you've seen this ride on various blogs but only on event coverages. There were snaps of Minh's ride here and there, but never a full feature on it. Obviously, you can't miss this car because of its uniqueness, a reason why there will always be a photo of this IS, but we will be the 2nd site (after Just Stance) to do a full feature and I'm honored to feature and show the world how a properly stanced car can look even sexier with a unique colored set of wheels.

Q: How did you end up getting the Lexus IS?
A: When I first started driving the only car my family of 3 had was the IS300. After 3 months of me getting my license, I got into an accident and my mom was like fuck it. I'll just give you this piece of crap and she bought herself a new car.

Minh's IS -7

Simple Wheel Werks is a great friend of ours and have been in the wheel business for quite a long time. They actually referred the color to Minh because of its attractiveness and as expected, Minh got more attention than needed, which is always a plus. I had to ask few more questions of why Minh chose Enkei's and Simple Wheel Werks.

Q: Why Enkei RPF1's?
A: In the beginning stage of modding my car, I wasn't really into the wheel game yet, so when I looked around for wheels everything was super expensive! I heard fake wheel brands could bend and break easily so the least expensive wheel that looked pretty cool were these Enkei RPF1s. Now I know where to look for rims so hopefully my next set will be even more legit.

Q: Who finished your wheels?
A: Paolo from Simple Wheel Werks! He convinced me to get this color even though I was a little concerned how it would look on my car. Turned out great and thanks to him my car gets alot of love.

Minh's IS -30

If you're a fan of Lexus IS's, then you should've noticed the Vertex S-Endurance Front Bumper and Vertex Side Skirts. Definitely one of the most expensive body kits out there for the IS, but also the most sexiest.

Minh's IS -21

Vertex S-Endurance Front Bumper
Vertex Side Skirts
VIS Rear Bumper
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Altezza Window Visors
Altezza Grille
Aerocatch hood pins

Stance GR+ Coilovers
Tanabe Rear Strut Bar
JIC CF Front Strut Bar

Joe-Z Intake
Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust

18×8.5 and 18×9.5 Enkei RPF1
Falken 912 215/35 and 225/40
5Zigen Lug Nuts

Minh's IS -24

Keeping it simple and clean is always the way to go. Minh doesn't have anything planned for the interior, but he is going to switch up his wheel setup. Secret!

Minh's IS -39

I agree with the words on the license plate frame.

Minh's IS -42

Did I mention the IS is daily driven? I'll be proud cruising through the streets with the vinyl 'Sexy Squad'.

Minh's IS -50

Repping It's JDM yO! and EMUFlix.

Minh's IS -54

Q: Any further plans?
A: Not really. In a year or so, I will be giving this car to my little brother without the body kit and maybe the wheels and suspension. I'm probably going to go back to stock with a front lip and slam it for him. I really want to get into drifting so my next car would probably be a beater like a 240 or a SC300.

I had an awesome time shooting Minh's car and talking to him as well. Keep yourselves updated with Minh's ride because there might be surprising upgrades in the future.


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thanks for still reppin my sticker Minh! great pics and write up Will!

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lol vertex kit is not one of the most expensive kits

Will said... [Reply to comment]

how's it goin :) and thx for checking out the post. I know there are numerous body kits out there for the IS, but for its value, I personally classify it as one of the most expensive kits out there in the market.

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found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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@Anonymousreally appreciate you dropping by :)
check often and spread the word!

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