Nightlight | Shyne'ing VIP

December 21, 2010

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


Dial in the camber, drop it, and let the mesmerizing begin. The attention this car gets at every show it attends is either with a sound or a silence of an amazement.

This VIP style White G35 Sedan is owned by Levon Pilavjian from Arcadia, CA, who is a member of the well known G35 group, Shyne. There were couple of features in the past on G's repping Shyne, such as John's G35 Coupe featured on Just Stance.
First of all, I'm pretty sure you were amazed by the overall camber,  but what you see is only a start. From the wheels to small exterior and interior parts, this car will not only show how a VIP style car should look, but defining the term VIP style.

Shyne G VIP9

Shyne G VIP31

There are many factors to consider in a VIP style car, one of them being the wheels. Out of all the known wheel companies that manufacture wheels that are on many VIP cars in Japan or in the States, Levon chose Work Varianza T1s's, but not like the ones we see pretty often at shows. These wheels were modified to a step lip and reverse lip, front and back respectively. Stretching 235/30 and 235/35 Hankook Ventus tires, the car is able to make full turns without any rubbing and being slammed at the same time.

Shyne G VIP13

Compared to oni-camber VIP cars we see floating on the net, Levon's G does not fall behind.
The fronts are cambered to -5 and the rears to -8 and to surprise you even more, the car is daily driven.

Shyne G VIP30

Shyne G VIP34

Some more attention to detail comes from the interior and exterior, which I would've loved to shoot with my flash, but because of the sudden decision to go out and shoot Levon's G35, nothing was prepared. But to focus on the ones I've shot, Levon added VIP curtains, which cannot be ignored in VIP/VIP style cars. Also, to add a bit more spice, the OEM emblems were replaced with Garson Swarovski Crystle badges front and rear, a much cleaner and sexier look for the front and rear ends. There was one unique modification in this car that I've never seen in one, and it's a stripper pole. Yes, you heard it right and because I didn't take a photo of it at the shoot, here's one I found on Levon's facebook page.


I already see a huge smile on your face.

Shyne G VIP25

Another look from the back side showing the insane camber.

Shyne G VIP14

A team car will always have a decal on one of the windows like you see on Levon's G. Shyne is more like a family rather than a team. It's not all about who's the boss and being responsible for a situation.
Here's a bit more about Team Shyne:
Team Shyne is a new and upcoming team founded in beautiful Southern California. We are unlike most other teams, we prefer to see ourselves as a family. Like most teams you have your President, VP, etc. etc. Specific guidelines/rules, things that we feel don't really keep a team close. We have no titles, only our 3 founders Shane, Jason, and Kurt, though every member of our crew is treated as we treat ourselves. As far as guidelines, all we ask is every member have a great attitude, a love for cars, and act responsible when repin the team. We are in this first and foremost to have FUN cause if you ain't havin' fun, well, what's the point. Our main goal for establishing this team is to strive for what we feel is the ultimate wheel fitment, while keeping a classy yet aggressive look. A combination of wheel specs, tire sizes, camber settings, and drop that puts us above your average aggressive fitment car. So stay tuned for some beautiful rides, and seeing fitment done right!

Shyne G VIP21

Motordyne Plenum Spacer
JWT pop charger intake
Sebring Tuning muffler with resonator delete on muffler

Work varianza t1s
Front 20x10.5 +0 step lip
Rear 20x11 -12 reverse lip
235/30 hankook ventus v12
235/35 hankook ventus v4

Modified CUSCO front upper A arms
Custom rear camber arms by Battle Version
Rear toe arms by Battle Version
Stance GR+ coilovers
Front camber -5 rear camber -8

Stock body (Aftermarket Front Bumper being painted)
Bersaglio Swarovski crystal lug nuts
Garson Swarovski crystal hood & trunk badges

Garson curtains w/Swarovski crystals
Faux mink headliner, rear deck, and floor mats
Velvet pillar & sunroof
Stripper pole
Garson pedals w/Swarovski crystals
Crystals in clock

Shyne G VIP42

Not on air, but static. Levon's G35 is on Stance GR+ Coilovers, giving the ride a sick stance. As mentioned above, the car is daily driven with this height and camber. Some of you guys might doubt this, but when it comes to modifying your car into VIP, nothing is impossible.

Shyne G VIP38

There are much more plans for Levon to accomplish. His front aftermarket bumper is being painted and will be on very soon for another feature you guys will see in the future. Great car owned by a great person is what makes my shooting time worthwhile. Thanks to Levon, once again, for his time.


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