Random Spotlight: Not Too Many

January 7, 2011


How many RSX Type-S's have you seen with a perfect stance like this one, owned and driven by Andrew from WA. I'm pretty sure your answer is very limited because there really aren't that many Type-S's that focus on wheel fitment.
Well here you go, one having it all; the drop, wheels, and stance.


Having a Resourcer and various staffs for our blog, I still browse around many autmotive forums, especially ClubRSX.com to see if I can find a ride that would be worth a feature. After clicking through the pages of 'the wheel fitment' post, I came across Andrew's ride and instantly messaged him with a feature request.
The Desmond White Regamaster's weren't his first set of wheels, but his 5th. Starting with Silver ITR wheels to his previous wheel setup before the Regamasters, Titanium black Volk CE28n's, Andrew went through a lot to find the 'perfect' set that would make the ride sit flush on Function 2 Coilovers.


The specs of his current wheels? 17x9 +18 all around.


Not too much camber in the rears, but on-point.


The importance of fitment continued with the interior.
Here's an outdated modlist and will be updated as soon as we get the current list from Andrew.

Injen CAI with hydroshield
JDM valve cover, JDM spark plug cover and JDM dip stick
K-Tuned throttle cable
Mugen front strut bar (powder coated flat black)

DC5 window visor
Grillcraft 05-06 upper and bottom grill (custom powder coated flat black)
Mugen front and rear lip kit
Retro-Solutions regular ballast 35W 3K fog
Retro-Solutions slim ballast 55W 6K low beam
Top One version 1 Winglet

A-Spec trim kit
DC5 ebrake
DC5 engine starter kit
DC5 iS door sill
DC5 red carpet, red door panels and customized red mat
DC5 red Recaro seats
DC5 red stitched Recaro rear seats
DC5 shift boot
DC5 Honda Type-R red emblems
EP3 red hazard button
Mugen ebrake boot
Mugen pedals with custom Mugen dead rest
Mugen III steering wheel
PSPEC short shifter
Rally Wink 5 mirrors with custom decal
Works Bell short hub, Works Bell Rapfix red quick release and Works Bell flipper

Beaks lower tie brace bar
Function2 coilovers
Function7 brace bar
Function7 lower control arm
Hawk ceramic brake pads
Hotchkis front/rear endlinks
PowerSlot front and rear slotted rotors
Russell SS brake line
SPC rear camber kit

Desmond White Regamaster 17x9 +18 with s2kcarbonworks real titanium lug nuts

Fujitsubo Powergetter

05-06 Hood bra
05-06 Tail Lights Rewired l Customized license plate dual beam white lights
All 194 l DE3175 lights changed to white SMD LED's
Cruise control and oem throttle cable delete.
Custom gauge cluster lights
Painted black a-pillars
Painted black calipers
Painted black roof liner and sunroof


Repping Fatlace:Slammed Society, Stance Nation, and Canibeat.


There are much more parts being added as we speak. Andrew will update us once his setup is completed and we will feature his car once again.


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