Random Spotlight: Kamkaze Genesis Coupe

January 3, 2011

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Let's rewind to the years and days when Hyundai's were looked down by many automotive companies and enthusiasts.
We can't ignore the fact that Hyundai cars were 'affordable' than any other cars in the market and were poorly built. This led to a negative reputation and since then, people were ambivalent about purchasing Hyundai cars as a primary vehicle.
But starting from 2009, Hyundai realized their mistakes and stepped up their game by manufacturing fully equipped cars that were in favor by many consumers.
This is when the Hyundai Genesis Coupe came out and became a hit in the automotive market.
Many of those who purchased the Genesis Coupe drove the car as a daily and didn't have any interest in modifications, but Jake from HoustonAmarillo, Texas had many plans in mind.

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Jake had the car for about a year and a half and started off very slowly in modifying his Coupe, such as wheels, coilovers, and a few bolt-ons.
That's how we all start and some of us stop, but having a car that was newly introduced to the market, Jake wanted to continue with a more extensive build.
With the car being so new to the market (at the time) there were a lot of companies looking to promote new product lines for the car. I was contacted by several and the rest is history.
Current sponsors are:
GCtuner, Custom Performance Engineering, Five:AD Wheels, Yokohama Tires, GrimmSpeed, Optima Batteries, AMSoil, PowerAxel, DressUpBolts.com, AeroDesigns seats, LoveFab, and DynoJet.

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Unlike many cars that have either Form or Function, this Genesis 2.0T Coupe was built to have both. The car having a history of being one of the featured vehicles in SEMA 2010, it was in the level of being compared and competed by many other high-end vehicles.
Here's a small story Jake shared with us on how his ride was developed.
Function: When I bought the car I knew that it was going to be my DD, for most of the year anyways. Here in the panhandle of Texas we get an avg of 15" of snow a year so I knew there would be times I wouldnt be able to drive it, but I wanted to be able to drive it as much as possible. In the time I've had it, I have already put on over 20K miles. A good majority of those miles where spent on the highway traveling to the 10+ car shows I attended in 2010, including SEMA 2010 in which I was a feature vehicle. Thats where form comes in, I wanted a car that I could drive on a daily basis yet be able to pull up to a car show and just need to wipe it off to be able to compete at a high level.

The wheels are sitting flush to the fenders. Definitely 'a must' for those focusing on fitment.


Engine Bay
-cp-e™ 3” Catback w/ black chrome tips
-cp-e™ 3” Race Downpipe
-cp-e™ Alpha Intake
-cp-e™ FMIC upgrade
-cp-e™ Charge piping
-cp-e™ Motor mounts
-cp-e™ Factory Intercooler Replacement kit
-cp-e™ Oil Cooler Kit
-cp-e™ Power Steering Cooler Kit
-cp-e™ Block off plate
-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Intake Manifold
-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Throttle Body
-GrimmSpeed P&P and Thermal coated Stock Turbo
-Grimmspeed Phenolic spacer
-Grimmspeed Gasket Set
-GrimmSpeed 160 deg. Thermostat
-GrimmSpeed Boost Control Solenoid
-LoveFab Turbo Manifold
-PowerAXEL ECU reflash w/ custom Beyond Redline Tune
-Deatchwerks 750cc injectors
-JUN B.L. Catchcan
-Venair Radiator hoses
-Tial Q BOV
-Project Kics Radiator cap
-HKS Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
-Rhys Millen Racing Carbon Fiber Snorkel
-Road Race Motorsports Carbon Fiber Fuse Cover
-Dressupbolts.com titanium bolt kit

-ARK Performance Carbon Trunk
-ARK Performance Carbon Hood
-KDM Genesis Coupe Wing Badge
-Prodigy Polyurethane front lip
-M&S Carat Type D Front Grille
-M&S Carat Foglight surround
-KPR tow hook
-SuperLux LED taillights

-Carbon Trix CF A-pillars
-ProSport Digital Boost Gauge
-ProSport Digital Wideband Gauge
-Aero Designs ACIS seats Red w/ Carbon back
-Densetsu custom harness bar
-Crow Enterprises 3” 5 point cam lock harnesses
-GReddy Informeter that monitors:
-Water Temp
-Intake Temp
-PowerAXEL billet pedal set

-Stance GR+ Coilovers
-Luxon Trunk Brace
-Five:AD S5:F_Spec 20” wheels
-20x10.5 +13 rear
-20x9.5 +15 front
-Yokohama S Drive tires
-245/35/20 rear
-225/35/20 front
-Muteki SR48 neo chrome lugnuts
-Brembo 4 piston calipers
-13.4 front rotors
-13.0 rear rotors


The Red Racing Seats by AeroDesigns looks stunning and a perfect color combination with the car Color.

NewShoot RollingR

As for future plans, Jake didn't tell me much in depth, but look forward to a 450WHP Widebody Genesis Coupe!

Special Thanks from Jake:
I would like to Thank my Wife Cindi and son Kohen for thier support in my addiction, Peter Terry for the amazing images you see before you, Chris Houts for being my right hand man all the way through this build and for what is to come with it, Dmitriy and Josh from Custom Performance Engineering, Troy and Matt from Five:AD wheels, Justin at GrimmSpeed, Larry at CarPlanetdetailing.com, Glenn at prosport gauges, Yokohama Tires, Optima Battery, AMSoil, Glenn at Prosport Gauges, Arvin at PowerAxel, Andrew at GenRacer.com, Chris at Dressupbolts.com, and last but not least my Team Sun*Works family Without all of the support I have been given, this build would have never happened.


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