Random Spotlight: 034 Motorsports Back In Action

January 29, 2011


If you've been keeping up with our features, 034 Motorsports Time Attack A4 should ring a bell.
Vadim K, our resourcer, recently got in contact with the company and received spectacular news.

Winning the EuroTuner Grand Prix 2009 with their A4, the company had a new project in mind; to build an even stronger and faster car. From numerous cars in the market, it came down to one, a GTI-RS.


First of all, this VW is like no other. Working with a MK4 Jetta during 2006, all the well-thought ideas and mistakes were compiled together and everything started from there on. Last year, the company was able to source a 2001 GTI-RS and the project began.


What's really special and unique about this car?
I don't want to go too much in depth and most of the details can be read on their GTI-RS Proejct Build Article, but how does a Audi 6-cyl Turbo Engine with a Precision GT35R Turbo pulling 6~700HP for track use and with a Precision GT45R Turbo pulling 1400HP for drag use sound?

The 18x11 wheels are straight off from a Porsche 996 Turbo and the fenders were widened for the track purpose fitment.

Another feature we do not see too often is the motor being placed in the trunk. This was done in order to balance the car without a big motor, which is why the Audi 6-cyl turbo engine was chosen. Result? A huge success.


Fully Built 3.0L Audi 6-cyl turbo engine, (2.7tt architecture) featuring:
Pauter Rods with ARP 625+ Rod Bolts
Custom JE Pistons with 83mm bore and 9.0:1 compression
034Motorsport Coated Main and Rod Bearings
2.8L large port cylinder heads, 034Motorsport Stage 3 port work
Supertech 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves
Supertech high rate valve springs and Titanium retainers, engineered for more valve lift without coil bind
CAT Camshafts 264/250 high performance cam set, OEM lifters
RS4 intake manifold
Custom Air to Water intercooler with a Bell Intercoolers core, large front mount heat exchanger, 5-gallon water tank, electric high flow water pump
034Motorsport Track Density Engine and transmission mounts
Main and Head studs, Main Bearing Cap Girdle
Upgraded cooling systems for all fluids.
Custom 034 long tube headers with secondary pipes to allow divorced turbine housing use.
Garrett GT35R Turbo with Precision billet high flow wheel for track use
Garrett GT45R Turbo for drag racing and dyno use
Twin Tial V38 V-band Wastegates and Tial Q-Vent Blow off Valve

Cooling System
4 gallon water tank
55 gallon per hour electric water pump for intercooler system
Bell Engineering air-to-water intercooler core rated for 1500HP
All aluminum replacement radiator with larger capacity for engine cooling
Custom heat exchanger for intercooler system, 18"x2"x12" tall
Custom 1.25" aluminum tubing to connect engine coolant to front radiator
12"x12"x1.5" thick oil cooler

6-speed 01E 2wd transmission from Euro-spec Audi 100, custom matched gear ratios, assembly by Advanced Automotion
Prototype SPEC triple carbon clutch kit with light weight aluminum flywheel
All transmission friction surfaces treated by WPC for reduced friction and strength
034Motorsport custom Clutch type Limited slip diff
Porsche 911 Turbo Shifter box and cables

Front Suspension
Ohlins 3 way adjustable dampers with remote reservoir, with custom valving for weight and wheelbase of GTI, from Performance Shock in Sonoma, CA
H2Sport front sport spindles and spherical control arms
Ground Control Adjustable camber plates/strut tops
Eurosport front strut tie bar
5x100 to 5x130 wheel adapters for the front hubs

Rear Suspension
Custom tubular rear subframe with provisions for engine and trans mounts as well as pickup points for all suspension links. Complete 996 turbo rear suspension.
Ohlins 3 way adjustable dampers with remote reservoir, with custom valving for weight and wheelbase of GTI
Stock 996 Turbo rear sway bar

Wheels/Tire Size
Porsche 996 turbo Twist “Hollow Spoke” wheels 18x8 Front and 18x11 Rear, custom painted body color with black added.

Porsche 996 turbo Front brake Calipers and custom 034Motorsport Rotors Porsche 996 turbo Rear brake calipers and OEM rotors
Cobalt Friction Pads
Stainless Steel brake lines through out

NHRA Legal roll main roll hoop and rear chassis reinforcement
Custom metal widebody, widened 2” front and rear fenders
VW R32 Front and rear Bumpers Modified for wide body
Custom metal flake silver paint

Fuel System
ATL 10-Gallon Fuel cell Mounted in front engine bay
1 Gallon Surge Tank and Intercooler reservoir mounts in Engine bay, twin Bosch 044 Fuel pumps integrally mounted to surge tank, pumps capable of 1400+HP
034Motorsport custom modified Bosch 850cc injectors
034Motorsport Fuel Rails with adjustable Fuel Lab regulator
-10AN fuel feed line splitting to each fuel rail into dual –6AN

NHRA Drag Cage
R32 Steering wheel and Seats

Mobile Electronics
034EFI Stage IIC Engine Management with full control over injection, ignition, boost control, idle, etc
034Motorsport direct acting boost control valve
034EFI Custom engine wiring harness with Mil-Spec materials
AIM Sports MXL Pro Dash and data Acquisition, complete Mil-Spec custom Chassis Wiring harness
Speedcom communications “dual channel” 2-way Radio system for use in competition


Its cars like these that need recognition in the automotive community. Starting with a salvaged car and now being one of the fastest VW's, we were more than skeptical to share this project car with our fans.
Check out the full article and photos from 034 Motorsports.


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