Random Spotlight: EK Melting the Snow

January 1, 2011


There's been couple of features going on around the net with some nicely fitted EK's, but this one doesn't fall behind and might be one of your favorites from now on.
Jani Mikkonen owns and drives this EK daily in Finland, Europe, and unlike others who get depressed and store their rides in the garage during Winter, Jani is the opposite; it's actually becomes an enjoyment.


It's pretty amazing and lucky on how Jani became the owner of this EK. Offering to do a stereo installation on his friends car, his friend paid him off with the EK rather than cash.
Something to be jealous of :)


As soon as Jani got the car, he started to build it without any help. The rear fenders were pulled to fit the 15x9.5 -13 BBS RS's. Yes, not a plus, but a negative offset. He was running on Hashino Racing Impul RS-3 17x10 +18's in the past, but deciding to go lower with more negative camber, he made the right choice.


You can see the reflections for the front and rear widened fenders. 



and a much better and closer view of the rear fender and camber.


The fronts are as good as the rears.

BBS RS 15x9,5" offset -13
Barum Polaris2 winter 195/50

Airlift bags
Airlift autopilot
Viar 480 compressor
Megan Racing camber-kit front and rear
2 inch raised front strut towers with uniball/camber plate
Custom rear lower arms
5x114.3 bolt pattern
Pulled and rolled fenders

Tinted windows
Houndtooth headliner
Kenwood stereo setup


The interior was reupholstered for a unique and eye catching look.



Repping couple of sites/blogs. Definitely not a surprise to see Jani having a WFC number.


If you have no clue on how well your fitment is or wanting to find out if you're doing things rights with fitment, here's what you have to here from others,

"My friend`s mom think this car is wrecked right now, ´cos it has pulled fenders and it´s sitting so low.. lol"



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