Nightlight | 5 Series Project

January 20, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee


How often have you seen a brand new car that came out in the states and someone already deciding to modify it with quality parts?
Actually, let's make it even better. How about a 5 series BMW?
Exactly, not too many.
I would like to introduce you to Alex Chen, the owner of this beautiful 2011 F10 535i. Unlike others who wait for months and deciding to modify a brand new car, Alex had already took the step of going all-in and even not fully completed, the car is looking gorgeous.


When Alex called me up last week for a shoot, I was more than skeptical to head out and finally shoot a car I was interested in featuring for our site. We met up at a gas station in Pasadena, CA and instead of shooting at obvious locations, we decided to go for a drive around the neighborhood to find a photoshoot spot.



Thinking a wealthy town having proper roads was totally misleading. Our drive was horrible and we encountered some dangerous situations during the small trip, but fortunately, we found the perfect spot.



I took a quick glimpse of Alex's ride at the gas station and didn't really pay attention because of wanting to be amazed later on. I've already seen his feature on Canibeat and already knew how sexy it was. After finding the right spot and reaching for my camera to start shooting, that short period of 'not being interested' was well worth it.



The 535i is running on H&R Sport Springs, giving it a proper drop, not too low but not too high. To make the car look more appealing with the height, Alex decided to go with a quality wheel company, iForged. From the many models available on their site, Alex choose the iForged Legacy V2 Deep Concave wheels, 21x9 and 21x10.5 front and back respectively. Between the spokes, we see the 405mm slotted rotors with Brembo 6 Pot GT kit.
How much better can it get?



Spending some time talking about Alex's BMW, we decided to talk more at a different location.


Alex and I talked about how he ended up getting a BMW and from the many models available, why deciding to get the 5 series. As most of you guys know, the 5 series is not a car many people look into modifying. The luxurious look is already favorable but Alex always dreamt about modifying this specific model. After selling his 08 G35 before moving to his hometown, time flew and he came back to the States. Deciding which car to get, Alex went with his dream car; not the out-dated series but a 2011 F10 535i.


Having a close relationship with iForged, Alex's 535i was able to be in this year's SEMA. It definitely got the attention and positive feedbacks on the overall look of the car.


As far as the modification list goes, there are few custom made parts and a touch of small but attractive products.

iForged Legacy V2 Deep Concave 21x9 & 21x10.5
-Textured black face with gloss black lip
FALKEN FK452 255/30/21 and 295/25/21
Brembo 6 Pot GT Kit with Slotted 405mm Rotors
H&R Sport Springs

Custom CF front Lip
Custom CF roof Spoiler
Custom CF rear Diffuser
LT BMW Roof Wrap
Alekshop Wide RearView Camera
Alekshop Multimedia Entertainment System
OEM Performance Gloss Black Grill
OEM Performance CF Deck Spoiler

Full Magna Flow Catback Custom Exhaust


There is couple of more parts coming in for Alex's ride. Instead of the springs, the ride will be dropped on KW v3 Coilovers. Already having the Brembo kit in the front, the rears will also be on Brembo's very soon. Also, a custom Carbon Fiber Deck Spoiler and RPI Hood Scoops will be added and according to Alex, MAYBE an OEM Mtech front bumper.


I didn't know time was going by so quick, but the couple of hours spent shooting and talking was well worth it. Really appreciate Alex's time and in the future, he will be contacting us once again for an even sexier looking 535i to shoot.


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