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January 31, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee


Most of the vehicles we see in Japan and Europe are sold in the US, but there are some models/makes exported only to a certain country, such as this car, Opel Corsa.
The Opel Corsa, aka Vauxhall Nova in the UK, is classified as a supermini, being one of the most compact and gas efficient vehicles and many don't bother to modify this car.
We don't even see this car in the States, but in the UK, it's one of the most common cars rolling in the streets.
As most of us love to be unique and different from others, the owner of this Corsa, Laura, had the same idea in mind and decided to go badgeless all around, owning one of the cleanest and sexiest Corsa, getting attention from all directions.



One reason why I decided to feature this ride was because of its flawless bodywork done by UK's finest, Elite Bodyworx. The smoothed front and rear bumper looks perfect with the overall body.

The custom made headlight eyelids gives it an even cleaner look.

Some dished wheels would match perfectly with the car, but as of today, the stock wheels were painted to Yamaha Pink, an exquisite and attractable color.


Corsa Sri alloy wheels painted Yamaha pink.
Smoothed boot.
Smoothed front and rear bumpers Inc. Number plate recess.
De-wipered rear.
Side skirts, roof rails, mirror base plates and arches coloured coded.
Headlight inners painted matt black.
Custom made headlight brows.
8k HID's.

Tigra heated leather front seats.
Sri leather gear and handbrake gaitors.

SRI 1.4L Ecotec engine.
Ta Technix coilovers lowered 110mm.
Stainless steel straight through exhaust system.
Powerflow backbox.

Pioneer DEH-500UB Cd/IPod player.
Blaupunkt front and rear speakers.
Mutant 12" sub woofer.
Mutant MT2404 Amplifier.

A fan of color Pink? Goes well with the silver color.


Great job by our photographer Rich McKee from the UK and thanks to Fast-N-Modded and Laura for sharing the ride.


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