Nightlight | Clean Sweep

January 5, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Chris Sempek


Clean Sweep: winning absolutely everything in a competition or contest, a perfect title for today's featured 1995 Acura Integra owned and driven by Justin Wolfe from Virginia.
Browsing through the WrongFitmentCrew forums is now a habit because of the constant updates with stunning cars and that's when I came across Justin's DC, being in awe after seeing couple of photos.


I'm sure you were amazed and pleased with Chris's photography, but also because of how well a 1995 DC was managed to be kept clean. Justin purchased this Integra used, but with a low mileage around 125,000, which is pretty rare to find in a 15 year old car. Since the first day of making the Integra his baby, he spent hours and months and never regretted the time he spent.
Going to school and driving this as his DD, Justin did a great job with the exterior, swapping the body kit to a 98+ OEM version.



For a better flow with the OEM body kit, Justin added the ITR front lip and rear wing, giving the car a complete look.


What really blew my mind was the overall fitment.
Seeing tons of riced out Integras on the streets, it was a relief to see someone doing things right.
The ride is sitting on KYB AGX Struts and Skunk 2 Coilovers for the extra lowness.


It's pretty difficult to find the right wheels for an Integra, but Justin chose the perfect set; Keskin KT1's 16x9 +20(F) and 16x9 +15(R) with -3 and -2 camber respectively.

5317636491_08a8bd6e56_b 5317665595_57131c2fb5_b

Wheels are sitting perfect to the fenders, a look we all hellaflush fans love to see.


Original stock b18b1 w/ only 145k
mild wire tuck
Custom piped to WRX polished axle back exhaust.

Complete OEM 98+ conversion
-Front bumper, rear bumper, headlights, taillights etc.
ITRfront lip
ITR rear wing
UKDM turn signals
OEM sunroof visor
OEM rear mudflaps
6000k HID Kit
35% tint
Shaved rear wiper

Gutted back seats/interior
Cobra Monaco S Bucket seats
Schroth 4 point harnesses

Keskin KT1
16x9 +20 front (-3) +15 rear (-2)
5mm spacers up front
Mugen Valve stems
Mutegi Neo chrome lugs
205/40/16 Ventus hrii

KYB AGX struts
Skunk2 Coilovers
Ingalls rear camber kit

5318286754_a314d45fac_b (1)

Integra OEM seats were replaced to Cobra Monaco S Bucket seats with Schroth 4 point harnesses for that extra tight and comfortableness.



Justin is constantly working on his ride and has many plans in mind, such as swapping to a LS-V and more.
Keep your eyes opened for an even better looking Integra in the future.


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