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January 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee

Let's start off with how much fame the car owner already has in the UK. A few years ago, his Pug 106 was in the 'Best of British' edition of the well known UK magazine Max Power. Yes, you didn't misread what I just wrote or neither did I make a mistake with the information provided by our supporter Fast-N-Modded.
Once again, the owner steps out from the shadow with another sexy car.
Here it is, Jay Polson's Red VW Golf.


One of the appealing aspects of this VW is its color, but also its stance. Slammed on Eibach Prostreet coilovers, the fitment of the wheels to the fenders is outrageous! To impress you even more, check out the wheel choice made by Jay.

Definitely something we don't see on VW's. The 18x8(F) & 18x9.5(R) wheels are
straight off from a Porsche. Now that's being Euro to the extreme!




When you thought it was going to stop with its slick Red body line and aggressive Porsche wheels, take another minute or so to take a deep breath because there's much more to it. Unlike many other VW's, Jay's VW pulls 230BHP with the help of some engine modifications. Seriously, having fitment AND the performance, how much sexier can it get?


aum code with k03s charger and vvt
3″ apr downpipe into milltek sportcat into milltek anni style system
forge dv
forge actuator
n75j valve
bmc cda
apr remap – these really utilise the vvt properly; not just spike the boost
forge polished alloy coolant cover

*race diagnostics liquid gauge in the drivers vent that reads a consistent peak of 230bhp

eibach prostreet stainless coilovers
caster kit
whiteline arb’s
momo front upper strutbrace and polished turret caps
audi tt 225 front brakes
red calipers
18″ porsche wheels 8j front 9.5 rear
laser aligned and corner weighted last year

r32 bumper front
debadged and filled bonnet
smoothed bonrath grill
oem anniversary headlights with hid kit
aero wipers
de wipered rear
delocked handles
ms design rear spoiler
smoothed rear bumper with oem anniversary valance
oem anniversary side skirts
stubby aerial
debadged rear with red/black coded vw badge
oem us spec r32 rear lights

factory a.c. AND electric sunroof/windows/heated mirrors
lg sat nav/dvd player
oem r32 steering wheel
oem r32 gearknob (correct five speed version)
oem r32/anni brushed dash/door trim
oem centre armrest
oem sunglasses holder
race diagnostics liquid guage in drivers air vent ( psi,bhp ect)
brushed ali door pins, blue led on the drivers alarm indicator instead of usual red one


Jay's ride is really an eye catcher, not only because of what it has under the hood or the exterior and interior, but the fact that it has everything in one.
"Standing back with flashgun in hand the gleaming red paint against a rather mundane white wall really catches passer-bys attention, especially with a bunch of young lads. ” Sweet car mate ” was one of the recurring comments from the group and d’ya know what.. they’re right, jays VW ticks all the right boxes , performance, stance and looks all in a perfect red package."
When you see something happening as quoted, you're doing it right.

Repping couple of stickers. Loving the 'I 'dislike' Speed Bumps'.


Really appreciate Jay and his friend for participating and as always, to our photographer Rick McKee from the UK. Rest of the photos can be found on Rich's Flickr or click on the last image of this feature, which will directly take to you to the Photoshoot Flickr Set. Also, make sure to check out the full feature on Fast-N-Modded.


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