Random Spotlight: Simple but Sexy

February 12, 2011


It really depends on your taste; what to mod first or to do last. The majority, however, modify the suspension with getting true coilovers or getting the right set of wheels that flow well with the car. Today's featured ride is in that stage of starting but already looking good enough. Here's John's 350Z on CCW's from Vista, CA.


We already know about the wheel company CCW's because of its unique designs and optional customization to widths and offsets. John definitely wanted a hellaflush look to his car, deciding to go with CCW LM20's in sizes 18x10.5 and 18x12.


Z's in general look good without any body kits, which is why John only added a Cwest CF front lip.


stance gr+ true type coilovers
spl rear camber arms
spl rear toe arms
spl eccentric lockout bolts
tein front inner tie rods
parts shop max 7mm spacers front

parts shop max gold lugs
cwest cf front lip

ccw lm20's
18x10.5 front
18x12 rear
hankook ventus v12
245/35/18 front
285/30/18 rear


Reason why I featured John's Z was because of the wheel choice. You don't see a lot of Z's out there with CCW's and this one stands out being the unique one. Great job on modifying the car and props to John's friend Andrew Reynolds for the photos.


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