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February 28, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

IMG_2672 copy

We've seen it, heard about it, and loved it.
The car itself was full with surprises, not only with its stance, but the body work to make those low offset, large width wheels fit into the front fenders and rear quarter panels.
If you were amazed with its previous setup on Work VS-XX's featured on our site last year, then get ready to be even more amazed with its new setup.
Without further ado, here is Milt's 350Z, aka Candy.

When we see those crazy fitted hellaflush cars featured on various stance related sites, the first question we might ask is, "how the hell can you drive like that?" and I'm pretty sure you're asking that question to the owner right now.
Milt's fame with his cars started with the 1st gen Camry and continued on with the Lexus SC. There were numerous blogs featuring and capturing Milt's ride, such as Stance:Nation, Canibeat, Speedhunters, MotorMavens, and much more.

So after all those features on sites, why did we even bother to feature Candy?
I've personally known Milt for not too long but have been keeping myself updated with his work of making those Garson's fit into his car after he sold the aggressive set of Work VS-XX's.

His previous setup was 19x10(-12) & 19x11(0) and now, the new set of wheels are 19×10(-6) & 19×12(-12). Does that extra inch of width make a difference? Hell yes. Before the car went through some body work, the amount of camber that was added to the rears was just too insane. Those who saw a specific picture thought it was going to be impossible, but Milt made the impossible to possible.

I know many of us leave our wheels to couple of companies to get them refinished and powder coated, but the work on these specific wheels have a different story. After purchasing the set of black faced Garson's with poorly conditioned lips, Milt decided to work on the wheels himself with couple of his friends. The work was done in Low N Slow member Chris Davidson's garage and the exact color is "Silver Metallica Base, Hawaiian Blue Pearl and then heavy amount of Purple/Blue Flake." Not to mention the lips were 'HAND POLISHED' by 5 members of Low N Slow. Feel the Team love?
Don't get me wrong, there are tons of companies out there that do a tremendous job and I give them props, but I have to give more respect to those like Milt who do it on their own.
It's not someone else's work, but your own work.


I'm not forcing myself to put Milt and his car on the spotlight because we are in the same team or the massive amount of media attention it gets, but because of an inspiration to many others like me.


Lastly, a partial family photo of the guys from Low N Slow.
Let me end this feature with this one sentence: "The seemingly impossible is possible."


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