Nightlight | Poisonous 200SX

February 2, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Rich McKee


It's always a pleasure to have an exclusive feature done by our photographers. Most of our 'spotlights' are cars owned by individuals, which are highly respected because of modifications and visual aspects. But an even more exclusive feature will have to be the ones that are recognized by almost every automotive enthusiast or let's just say...a promo car for a major car show.
This is when Mark's 200SX comes into the spotlight.


Modified Nationals is one of the biggest modified car shows in the UK and being one of the promo cars for the show is like standing on top of a stage for a commencement speech. Not will you only get attention from all directions but also being one of the most recognizable cars.
Mark's 200SX has come a long way, starting with a Toyota Celica and another previously owned 200SX, and this year, with the help of Elite Bodyworx, the newly down 200SX came out flawless.


What you see so far is not even half of its sexiness. Inside the hood is a finely tuned SR20DET with a HKS Roller Ball Turbo, pulling around 400bhp. Unlike others who cram in useless products in the engine bay, Mark's engine is full of win, such as the HKS Intercooler, Greddy Intake Piping Set, and T&E Up-Swept Manifold creating an even more powerful car.



To accommodate the wide staggered set of SSR Agle Minerva 17x9 & 18x10 wheels, the rear quarter panels were added with Version Select 25mm fenders and the fronts with 30mm Wide Vented fenders, part of the BN Sports Bodykit for the 200SX.


Almost everything in a promo car is modified to perfection. Running on Kei Office Drift coilovers followed by Cusco suspension related products, not only is the car looking like a beast but performs like one as well.

Bride seats were reupholstered to match the body color and to represent Modified Nationals.




* SR20DET Black Top
* HKS Roller Ball Turbo
* HKS 1302-RN109 Front Mount Intercooler
* Greddy Aluminium Intake Piping Set
* T&E Up-Swept Manifold
* 550cc Injectors
* HKS Stainless Steel Manifold Heat Shield
* EFL ‘Silvia’ Stainless Steel Coilpack Cover
* Apex’i N-1 Front Pipe
* Apex’i Power Intake
* Fujitsubo 100-13056 Power Getter Lightweight Stainless Steel Exhaust System
* Nismo 17042-RRS41 High Flow Fuel Pump
* NGK Platinum (7) Spark Plugs
* Rotora Atmospheric Blow Off Valve
* Anodised Throttle Pulley Wheel
* Blitz Radiator Cap
* Violence Oil Cap

* HKS F-Con Pro-V Gold Edition Engine Management System
* HKS EVC IV Electronic Boost Controller
* Pivot Auto Turbo Timer
* Defi Link Control Unit II
* Deleted MAF Sensor
* Re-Routed Wiring Above Wheel Arch (Lining Removed)

* 5MT
* ATS 2 Way LSD
* ORC Stainless Braided Clutch Line
* Balanced and Lightened Flywheel
* ORC Single Plate Carbon Ceramic Paddle Clutch

* Kei Office Fully Adjustable Drift Coilovers with Adjustable Top Mounts (fully laser aligned)
* FET Carbon Front Strut Brace
* Cusco Rear Strut Bar
* Cusco Adjustable Pillow Tension Rods
* Cusco Adjustable Rear Upper Arms
* Tein Damper Adjusters on Rear Coilovers

* Full BN Sports Bodykit – T-IV, Consisting of Front and Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts and 30mm Wide Vented Front Fenders
* Version Select 25mm Wide Rear Fenders
* BN Sports Clear Front Indicators
* Super Ganador Style Aero Wing Mirrors
* Vented Carbon Bonnet
* Sparco Bonnet Pins
* FRP Eyebrows
* Nissan-Japan Wind Deflectors
* Crystal Black Rear Lenses incl. Centre Garnish
* Cusco 222-550L Licence Plate Relocation Kit
* Bullitt 6000k Xenon Healight Conversion Kit
* Japan Wiperless Rear Screen

* Nissan Skyline R33 4 Pot Brakes At Front
* Nissan 300ZX Rear Caliper and Disc Conversion To Rear

* SSR Agle Minerva 2 Piece Alloy Wheels with Stainless Steel Lip
* Kei Light Weight Wheel Nuts
* Kei Locking Nuts
* Front: 17 x 9J with 215 x 40 x 17
* Rear: 18 x 10J with 255 x 35 x 18 Pirelli P-Zeros

* Bride Brix Reclining Bucket Seats x2
* Cobra Seat Mounts
* Luke 4″ Four Point Harness With Aircraft Release
* TRS 3″ Three Point Harness
* Momo Harness Pads
* Genuine JDM ‘Silvia’ Mat Set
* Momo ‘Race’ Steering Wheel
* Raid Snap-Off Boss
* Nismo Carbon/Stainless Gearknob
* Noble Alloy Handbrake Sleeve
* Handmade Alcantra Gear / Brake Gaiters
* Bride 5″ Tacho with Shift Light
* Yashio Factory Fly-Off Handbrake
* Aluminium Pedal Set
* Twin A-Pillar Pod
* Defi 60mm BF Boost Gauge
* Defi 60mm BF Water Temp Gauge
* White Clock Dials
* Blue LED Dash Lights

Interior fully equipped with high quality products.



Once again, thanks to Rich for an exclusive coverage and to Mark for sharing his car. Shout out goes to Buzz & Team Elite, Modified Nationals, and Mark Needham.


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