Random Spotlight: Junction Produce Previa

March 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

11.18.10 -12

If you love VIP cars, I'm pretty sure you know much about Estima's in Japan.
So far, I haven't seen a JDM Estima here in the states, but found one that was nearly identical; a Toyota Previa with JDM Toyota Estima conversion with a Full Junction Produce body kit.
Owner of this ride is Normandie, a very good friend of mine who loves cars and has been in the automotive scene for quite a long time. I always promised a photoshoot, but the timing always slipped. Luckily, I found a set of photos I took during the Low N Slow Northridge meet, so here are a few shots I want to share.

11.18.10 -19

Infiniti Q45 Projectors looking sexy.
Headlight Modifications
Infiniti Q45 projectors
Phillips 85122 bulbs / Matsushita Gen 3 ballasts
Valeo High beam projectors with Apollo shrouds
TRS 90mm CCFL rings

11.18.10 -15
Running on Air Bomber suspension, the flared out fenders make it possible for the car to sit low.
Wait until our photoshoot for better and detailed photos! VIP ftw!!!


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