Random Spotlight: Whiteness in Detail

March 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

When we think of VW's, there are two modifications that come in mind; low offset wheels and air ride. Accomplishing those two finalizes the look of many VW's and many have been featured on magazines and blogs. There was one, however, continuously coming out with new looks and I was fortunate to find that specific VW to be exclusively featured on our site today. If you had a difficult time understanding the phrase 'attention to detail', this car will not only show you but will define it.

Here's Bernie's 2010 VW Golf TDI on a new set of Rotiform NUE wheels powder coated in White. Being the owner/creator of Dub-Nation.com, Bernie has been in the automotive scene, or to be specific, the Euro scene, for quite a long time, modifying VW's and bringing the Euro community together with his site. I first met Bernie at Dubfest, but never had an opportunity to see his car closely. I met him again at Extreme Autofest/Remix Edition Car Show at San Diego and back then, he had a different set of wheels.


On the day when Low N Slow had their photoshoot, Bernie came along and that's the day when I was able to see Bernie's VW in detail. One of the newest setups that became a sudden eye catcher was obviously the new set of Rotiform wheels. We all know Rotiform is known for their unique designs and a popular choice amongst many Euro car owners. Bernie chose a set that had the sexy look as well as the correct offsets for a perfect fitment. As of right now, the ride is on Rokkor Coilovers, but look forward to a new suspension setup.


Under the hood was a look that was different from many VW's. The stock Coolant and Oil cap was replaced to Audi R8 caps. Definitely something we don't see too often.


One of the reasons why I've mentioned 'attention to detail' is because of small products like these fasteners and washers. Not does it only give it a new look to the engine bay, but also going well with the overall color.


• Audi R8 Coolant Cap
• Audi R8 Oil Cap
• DMP Fasteners Aluminum Stringer Washer Gold Aluminum O.D 1-3/8 THICKNESS 1/4"
• DMP Fasteners Aluminum Stringer Washern Black Aluminum O.D 1-3/8 THICKNESS 1/4"
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint & Saved TDI Emblem Engine Cover
• Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit
• Neuspeed P-Chip
• Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intake Kit
• Neuspeed Short Shift Kit

• Bell License Plate Mounting Bracket Adjustable
• DIY DeWipered Rear Wiper
• DIY DeBadged TDI & Golf Badge
• DIY Dynamat L/R Door Panels
• DIY LED Door Handle Lights Red
• DIY Chrome Vinyl Grille Slats
• DIY Euro Switch Wiring Parking & Rear Fog Hookup
• DIY DeBadged Airbag Warning Sticker on Sunvisor
• DIY Cleaned Core Support & Plugged Holes
• DMP Fasteners Rhino Bed & Dash Kit Gold Washers with Stainless Hardware
• DMP Fasteners Aluminum Stringer Washer Gold Aluminum O.D 1-3/8 THICKNESS 1/4"
• DMP Fasteners Aluminum Stringer Washern Black Aluminum O.D 1-3/8 THICKNESS 1/4"
• Do-It-Center Plastic Hole Plug 1 inch
• Forge Mortorsports Billet Gas Cap Cover
• HPI Ball 10x34mm (4pcs) Headlight Leveler Fix
• Meister Auto Werks 3D Emblem Center Caps Engine Cover Emblem & Center Caps
• Polarg Nissei B1 Hybrid M-23 Red Light Bulb for Rear Fog
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint Interior Trim
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint Steer Wheel Trim
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint Bumper Marker Lights
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint Door Trim
• Risk vs Reward Color-Matched Paint Door Handles
• True Value Hardware Chrome Bolts & Washers Works with Rhino Bed & Dash Kit
• VW Cup Holder Trash Bin Black
• VW Head Light Switch With Coming Home (Automatic) Chrome
• VW Passenger Door Window Switch Chrome
• VW Rear View Mirror Switch (w/ Heat & Fold Functions) Chrome
• VW GTI Honeycomb Upper Grille

• Rotiform NUE 19x8.5 5x112 ET45 Powder Coated White
• Continental Extreme Contact DWS 215/35-19
• Rokkor Full Coilover Kit
• Stern Subframe ReBar
• Neuspeed Upper Rear Tie-Bar

Another point I want to make are the DIY mods. Result? Absolutely flawless.

I personally wanted to categorize this feature as a Spotlight, but because this quick feature photoshoot was not done at a separate location and was during a photoshoot session, I listed it as a Random Spotlight. As previously mentioned, Bernie is constantly building up his ride, so you'll see a newer and an even better VW pretty soon.


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