Nightlight | Aesthetically Pleasing BMW

March 25, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

Jacky  (6)
What makes a car full of surprises can be based on a lot of components, but from all, it's the flawless body work and parts that flow well with the car.
This beauty owned by Jacky is exactly what makes a car aesthetically pleasing.

Jacky  (10)

Jacky  (7)
Unlike the stock 3 series we see pretty often, Jacky's 335i is on M tech sideskirts and bumper.
Although there is a hint here and there that shows its model, the M tech parts make it look much more appealing.

Jacky  (8)

Jacky  (13)
The choice of wheels are definitely crucial to a look of the car and Jacky went with a not-too- common set of wheels; Forgeries F14 but in custom offset and width.
Sitting on H&R Sport Springs, we can see a decent fitted BMW.

Jacky  (14)

Forgeries f14 custom wheels
H&R sport spring

Juicebox 3 performance chip
ETS front mount Intercooler
Ar design 3" catless Downpipes
Fully catless custom exhaust

Aero front lip
M tech sideskirt
M tech bumper
Carbon fiber Csl trunk
carbon fiber wrapped roof
Carbon fabric wrap interior trim
Custom gear lever
Hannman carbon fiber quad diffuser

Jacky  (12)

Jacky  (9)
All in all, definitely attractive.

Jacky  (1)
Thanks to Jonathan Ray for these awesome photos.


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