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March 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

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We love to feature cars that are well-built, especially the ones that have both the looks and performance. The term 'well-built' can be defined in several ways, but for the car that's being featured today, how about Horsepower Freaks turbo Stage 2 pulling 648WHP on race/meth. Good enough? Although our site is mostly dedicated to imports (depends on how you define it), this beauty deserves its feature on any magazine/blogs out there today.

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Let me introduce you to Greg Ogden and his M3.
M3's in general can surpass the limits of an 'expected' horsepower. Greg's M3 is in that category of breaking the limits.
The visible '' decal on top of the windshield is already a sign of caution to every BMW owner who tracks/races their car.

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The somewhat of a stock body line is already an appealing aspect of a M3, but the additions of Vorstiener GTR race hood, CSL bumper, carbon side skirts, diffuser, and boot lid makes it an even better and sexier looking M3.

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As much as the car has its own beauty, the photography done by Jonathan Ray doubles its appeal.

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Performance of a M3 always needs to be considered in the list of modifications, but we can't forget about the wheel choice. Although we don't really see a 'fitted' BMW, the 19x9 & 19x10 HRE C20's in Brushed Aluminum with Polished lip has its own uniqueness and sexiness on the car. Inside the mesh of the wheels are Brembo BBK's, 4 piston calipers with slotted rotors.

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Greg (15)
The amount of power Greg's M3 puts is absolutely amazing. Well, if it has a Horsepower Freaks Turbo Stage 2, it's definitely an expectation of pulling more than 500+HP. The car hasn't been dyno'd at the moment, but according the Greg, it can make about 648RWHP on race/meth.

Greg (19)

Horsepower Freaks turbo Stage 2
Open wastegate
Agency power exhaust
4" carbon intake
HPF carbon air duct
HPF traction control

BC Racing coilovers with umbrella auto design VRH suspension lift system (only one on the E46 M3)
UUC camber kit
Dinan front strut brace
HPF under brace

Vorstiener GTR race hood
CSL bumper w/ carbon spliters
carbon side skirts
carbon diffuser
carbon boot lid
All vorstiener
LED tail lights
clear corners
Umnitza angle eyes
15% dark mirror tint all around
LED interior light upgrade
HPF Gauges
Dinan Pedals
Hamann Black Dash Kit

HRE C20's brushed aluminum with polished lip
19x9 & 19x10
Toyo Proxy T1R's
Brembo BBK (4 piston calipers up front with slotted rotors)

Greg (21)

Greg (3)
As always, thanks to Jon for an amazing job on the photography and sending us a beauty to feature.


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