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March 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Joe Alonzo


One of the best ways to introduce new blog photographers is by showing their photography work, and today, I would like to welcome and introduce a new Night-Import family member, Joe Alonzo from Florida, CA, with his previously done photoshoot of a 2002 Lexus IS 300.

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Joe has a pretty strong background in photography, managing his own photography site and being an active photographer, not only in the automotive scene, but also with shooting models, people, etc.
Looking through his work on Flickr, I came across a set of shots done with an IS and a model, and wanted to take this opportunity to show you guys Joe's photography skills and a sick IS at the same time.

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What caught my attention about this ride was the overall color scheme. How often can you come across a Red Lexus IS on gold wheels? I'm pretty sure you were also amazed with the fitment of those Gold VS-XX's sitting perfectly within the fenders. Surprisingly, the IS is running on lowering springs with an aggressive set of VS-XX's 18x8.5 +32 with a 25mm Spacer and 18x10 +36 with a 5mm spacer.

The car was looking even better with a model.


Black custom interior
Limo tint windows
Pioneer double din cd/dvd
JDM style black headlight housing
Altezza front grill

Samco upper and lower radiator hoses
Fiji cold air intake
2.5" custom made exhaust
Magnaflow high flow cat
Removed resonator
Manganflow polished SS turbo sport muffler

Works vs-xx gold rims
Front: 18x8.5 +32 with a 25mm spacer 225/40/18
Rear: 18x10 +36 with a 5mm spacer 255/40/18.
Zenn lowering springs

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The car is looking great and as well as the photos taken by Joe.
Once again, welcome to the family. Looking forward to see what you can share with our fans.


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