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March 15, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by William Lee

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We can probably use a whole page to jot down the states that are huge in the automotive scene.
How about Baja, Mexico? We've probably seen some youtube clips and photo coverages of Mexico's automotive events, such as Rally and occasionally drifting, but not of a specific car that's finely modified as the one you'll be seeing today.



The owner goes way back in the days when car shows were enormous. I'm talking about the HIN days when everyone, literally everyone, gathered to show off their cars. We all know it's almost impossible now to have such a crowd, but the owner, Carlos Soria, continued on modifying his 1996 Volkswagen Jetta Vr6, aka 'Shaved' and still being one of the most respected car owners in Baja, Mexico.

There are plenty of newer Jetta's in the market today, but Carlos went all out with a classic.
Night-Import: Why did you decide to get a 1996 VW?
Carlos: First of all, my love for cars started since I was a kid and I've seen plenty of cars in the automotive scene for years, not only in Mexico, but in CA as well. The Euro scene in Tijuana ain't big at all and if you even see one, none of them were cleanly modified. Thinking of which VW suited me the best, the 1996 VW Jetta had the perfect body style compared to all the newer and even the older ones. I'll never regret my decision.


Carlos focused on almost every part of his VW, even with the fitment. The wheel specs, 16x8, isn't really aggressive, but the stretch on 205 tires makes it possible for the car to drop low.


Let's take a step back and talk more about Carlos's car team, 5Five Elements.
Carlos: We're basically a group of automotive enthusiast that's been in the car scene for quite a long time and of course, having the cleanest cars in Mexico. There's about 20 members in our team and half of us really go out there to show what we have. Couple of cars right now are in body shops going through a major makeover so you'll be seeing some very soon in California.


Since AutoCon LA, Carlos's VW was always memorable because of the clean work done to the engine bay.
Night-Import: What's something different about your car compared to other VW's.
Carlos: (Open up his hood) There you go. I did a full wire tuck and shaved the whole engine bay. It definitely took awhile but the work and time paid off.



Modification list




How often do see an audio setup like this in a classic VW. For an even better look for the engine and trunk, Carlos even added LED's all around to lit up the whole compartment (Photos taken at REMIX).

I'm sure this VW will be in your list of 'well modified' cars. It's really how and what you do to the car that makes it stand out and Carlos did accomplish almost everything a car can have. But still, he is not satisfied and planning to go even more.


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