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March 11, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jonathan Ray

Porsche GT3 (1)

This sexy photo should remind you of a well-known photographer. He really doesn't need an introduction, but in case if you don't know who he is, let me introduce to you to Jonathan Ray, the owner of JMR Photography and a photographer for Stance:Nation. We were very fortunate to hear from Jon and excited after hearing he'll be our partial photographer from now on. How amazing is this guy? Well let's start off with Jon's first feature of a Porsche, a Porsche GT3.

Porsche GT3 (6)

Porsche GT3 (8)

Porsche GT3 (3)
We are not too strict when it comes to featuring cars, but of course, we choose the ones that are well modified enough to have the right look. This Porsche GT3 is one of those cars that isn't exotically modified, but with a simple drop and small detailedness, it out-stands most of the GT3's today.

Porsche GT3 (14)

Porsche GT3 (12)
One of the differences you will see from this Porsche will be the accents. ACC Collision in Bonney Lake decided to color parts of the rear wing and many other small parts to stand out.

Porsche GT3 (19)

Porsche GT3 (9)

Porsche GT3 (15)
Another notable modification are the interior pieces painted in Gaurds Red. Not does it only match with the body color, but gives it a more strong look and feeling to the car.

Porsche GT3 (17)

Porsche GT3 (21)
We always can't forget about the wheels. The stock Porsche GT3 wheels were powder coated into Black to make a track car look even more monstrous.

Porsche GT3 (11)

Regarding the modification list:
Not much in the way of mods have been done. This car pretty much arrived from the dealer ready to hit the track. I did install the SharkWerks Bypass Exhaust to give it that more throaty sound and unplugged the exhaust flaps. The vehicle was lowered about 3/4 of an inch and the camber and toe adjusted.

Everything else I had done was just cosmetic...All of the interior pieces painted Guards Red were done by; the black accent color on the rear wing and the black door handle pulls were painted by ACC Collision in Bonney Lake; the wheels were powder coated by American Powder Coating in Auburn; the clear bra was installed by Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue; and the windows were tinted by SC Window Tinting in Puyallup.

All of my mechanical work is done by MaxRPM Motorsports in Bremerton.

Porsche GT3 (24)
We would like to thank Jon for accepting our photographer position request. Although he is a busy guy working for other sites and his own, he'll occasionally send us photos to feature. Matter of fact, we have an insane M3 coming very soon.
If you haven't checked out Jon's feature on Just Stance, make sure to do so and also, 'Like' Jon's Facebook Fanpage. Jon recently started his own youtube channel so if you're a beginner and would like to know more about how a professional photographer shoots, this channel is for you.


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