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April 17, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Charles's s2k-24
Perhaps this might be over exaggerating, but S2000s represent the Honda scene with its sporty look and compactness. The discontinuation of this model became a disappointment in the automotive community and seeing one just triggered the greediness of almost every sports car fans to buy one. Slick body design, simple yet unique interior, and highly respectable performance stats of an s2k is the reason why the car has its fame.
We've seen numerous S2000s featured on blogs, sites, and magazines, some highly modified ones to just simply clean, but today, you'll be seeing one that's like no other; updated body design, simple but quality equipped interior and fully tuned and built stock motor. Still don't understand? Let's just start it off with an introduction; Charles's custom built widebody s2k.

Charles's s2k-52

Charles's s2k-51
First of all, let's admit one fact; slight modification to a s2k changes the whole look. A simple drop with aftermarket wheels doubles its sexiness. But to take it to another level, we often see ones with Japan imported aftermarket body kits, such as Amuse, J's Racing, Spoon, or even Top Secret.
However, you'll rarely see one like Charles's, a fully custom widebody made in the U.S., a mix of almost every bodykit style that exists today strictly for the S2000.

Charles's s2k-40

Charles's s2k-34
If this is your first time seeing this car, you're not outdated with current modified s2ks in the SoCal automotive scene. Charles decided to unveil his project s2k at SEMA 2010, so it's quite new. Its most attention was obviously toward its bodykit. This widebody was custom made by Precision Autoworks and the amount of time and sweat put into this project was more than one can imagine. Although it took several months to perfect the kit, the result was absolutely flawless.

Charles's s2k-32

Charles's s2k-28

Charles's s2k-27

Charles's s2k-25
From not too many options available for wide wheels, Charles choose Work 11Rs, a multi-spoke wheel that fits the look of a widebody car and behind those sexy spokes are Brembo 4-pot Big Brakes.

Charles's s2k-7
The interior was modified into simplicity.

Charles's s2k-6
Holding the passenger and driver are Sparco Speed seats and a Cusco Roll Cage around the car for tracking purposes.

Charles's s2k-3
Monitoring the Oil and Boost are Autometer gauges, including the AEM air fuel gauge next to the steering wheel. More about the performance at the bottom.

Charles's s2k-12

Charles's s2k-11 Charles's s2k-9
The S2000 is already well engineered when it comes to the actual performance, pulling 240BHP from a F20C motor. But as all you performance fanatics wanting to get more out of the stock engine, it wasn't any different for Charles. He decided on Vortech supercharger and till today, the car is performing like a beast. 371HP @ 9lb boost. Good enough? Hell yes.

Charles's s2k-22

McCulloch 12000k High Intensity Discharge Light system
One off custom wide body kit
Fujitsubo one off full catback exhaust system
Spoon Hard top

Stock black on black
ASM center console
2 sparco speeds bucket seats
4 point sparco harness
A spec tear drop shift knob

Nrg hood dampers
Aem Ems
Vortech supercharge, 10 pound pulley
Rc engineering fuel injectors
Dc ceramic headers
Nrg strut tower bar brace
Carbon fiber heat shield
Okada Plasma coil packs
Koyo radiator
Carbing cooling Resevoir

Nrg strut tower bar brace
Spoon X brace
Cusco under brace
Cusco Two way Differential
Work Emotions 11R wheels
Hankook Ventus Rs3 265/40/18
Brembo big brakes
Tein edfc flex full adjustable coilovers

Jvc tv headunit
Kenwood two way components
Kenwood quick release 10in bass tube with an internal bass tube

Mike Burlas
Precision Autoworks
L&T Automotive

Charles's s2k-19

Charles's s2k-15

Charles's s2k-20
You'll be seeing a new look pretty soon on Charles's s2k. Until then, take your time checking out this ride at meets/shows because it will be worth your time.


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