Random Spotlight: Top of the Top

May 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Rather than posting these photos up on Flickr, I want to share some photos of these top quality cars I took during JDM Sport's meet last Sunday. While I was shooting Henry's Evo for our 'Spotlight' feature, a friend of mine from JDM Glam was asking if we should do a photoshoot with other cars that were present at the meet. Because the location was absolutely gorgeous and the cars that joined along were top cars, we took some time to take a few shots.
At the left is Kelvin Hsiu's the famous Do-Luck Widebody Evo, Jackson Wong's S2K at the right, and Henry's Evo at the top.




Just to let you guys know the Wallpaper section of our site is still being worked on. Hopefully it will be up by this week.


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