Nightlight | Heavenly Supra

May 15, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jim Davis, Words by William Lee

Ryan's 738HP Supra
Back in the days, I disliked the purpose of modifying a car. Matter of fact, to be straight forward and honest, I didn't know much about cars as well. While you guys were impressed with an exotic car passing by your school or neighborhood, I was playing games on my PSP or talking with my friends. However, there was one car that I did like without knowing the history of it; a Toyota Supra. Something about the lines made it a sudden attraction and even after I learned about all the cars that were famous for modifying, a Supra was still in my top list of 'wanted' cars.
Today, this Supra owned by Ryan from NY shot by our photographer Jim Davis, just triggered my greediness and a step closer to selling my own car to get one. A fully functional-purpose built 1994 Toyota Supra is what we call today, a 'Heavenly Supra'.

1994 Toyota Supra -
As most of us know by now, Supras are one of the most recognized cars in the history of not only Toyota, but in the world. Produced in 1992 through 2002, the 10 years of production made this car an undeniable powerhouse. Why so? 2JZ-GTE twin turbocharged engine. That specific engine code is like a word we get used to saying so much that it gets stuck in our heads. Having the ability to already pull 280HP, some people aren't satisifed enough, like the owner of this Supra, Ryan.

1994 Toyota Supra -

1994 Toyota Supra -
But before I talk about what was done to the engine to satisfy the needs of power, let's go ahead and talk about the appealing aspects of this Supra. With the current stance it's at, we can automatically tell Ryan built his car to be fully functional. Sitting on Tein Flex coilovers and running on the famous CCW Classics 18x10(F) and 18x11.5(R), its competitors will quickly shrug because of its charismatic figure.

1994 Toyota Supra -

1994 Toyota Supra -
Some of you guys might not appreciate the height it's at, but for someone who already owned a Supra before that was built to track, knows what to do with his next car. I don't know the full story of Ryan's past builds, but I do know that he is a fan of Supras and loved the excitement that it triggered in a matter of seconds.

1994 Toyota Supra -

1994 Toyota Supra -
By now, I'm pretty confident the looks of this Supra just made it one of your favorites when considering its purpose.
Not satisfied enough? Then check out the work that was put into the engine.

1994 Toyota Supra -
-VWR Twin scroll Twin Gate Exhaust Manifold (coated)
-VWR Intake Manifold (polished)
-Accufab 90mm Throttle Body
-VWR 4” Cold Pipe (polished)
-VWR 4” V-Band Downpipe
-Twin Tial 44mm Wastegates (polished)
-VWR Catch Can (polished)
-Vented Valve Covers (polished)
-Billet BorgWarner s372R with 1.10 A/R
-VWR Billet Anti Surge Delete
-VWR 5” Intake Pipe (polished)
-Polished Turbo Compressor Housing
-Greddy 3 Row Intercooler
-Tial 50mm BOV
-HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust with VWR 4” V-Band piping
-VWR Battery Relocation w/VWR Aluminum Battery Box
-Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate
-HKS Timing Belt
-Koyo Polished Aluminum Radiator
-Fluidampr Crank Pulley
-Polished Hard Pipe

Engine Management
-F-Con Vpro 3.24
-HKS Knock AMP/Wideband
-HKS Map Sensor & IAT Sensor
-HKS EVC-S Boost Controller
-HKS Navigator Pro

Fuel System
-Dual Bosch 044s -10
-Polished Titan Fuel Rail
-Precision 1600cc Injectors
-Aeromotive FPR (polished)

-RPS Billet Carbon Carbon Clutch

Suspension & Wheel
-Tein Flex Coilovers
-Polished CCW Classics
18x10 Front
18X11.5 Rear
-275/35 Front Tires
-Hankook 315/30 Rear Tires
-Slotted Rotors
-Steel Braided Brake Lines
-NA Rear Brakes

-98 Headlights
-6000k HID's
-98 Front Bumper
-98 Front Turn Signals
-98 Tail Lights
- TRD 10K RPM Tach
1994 Toyota Supra -
Jim did a great job showing his skills in photography, especially this shot that shows the components under the hood. For all you 'stance' fans, if the fitment was an issue with this feature, the power on this beast should have changed your minds. The motor is packed with VWR, from Twin Gate Exhaust Manifold down to the pipings. The sound of this beast starting from the Intake Manifold by VWR to VWR's V-band + HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust is a pure pleasure to the ears. Tuned by HKS products and resulting in pulling 738HP, this Supra just became one of my favorites.

1994 Toyota Supra -
Great car, great build, great photography. What more can you ask? Thanks to Ryan for participating with Jim for the feature! Looking forward to another awesome continuous build.


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