Nightlight | Pristine Classic

May 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Dan Purpura / Words by William Lee

Dave VW-2
While many classic owners are in the bleak moments of not knowing how to modify their car, Dave from NY was different. Owning a 1991 VW GLI, Dave already planned out what needed to be done and in a matter of time, a car that most tend to abuse was kept in pristine condition till today.

Dave VW-10
Today, seeing a VW classic or newer generation models on Air Suspension is not so much of a surprise. It's been a common suspension setup for a few years now and many Euro enthusiasts embrace this style. On the other hand, there are those who dare to drive in low heights without any electrical height adjustments. Dave chose to be that daring person and went with Weitec coilovers, dropping his ride as low as possible.

Dave VW-7
Opinions may vary, but a low ride height completes the car with the right set of wheels. Dave made the right choice of going with 3 piece 16" Panasport C8s.

Dave VW-1

Dave VW-5

Dave VW-6
Still not satisfied?
Then how about some impressive engine work. Maintaining the functions of A/C, ABS, and MFA/Check Engine Lights, the engine bay when through a makeover by a full wire tuck.

Dave VW-8

OBD1 VR6 swap
working A/C
working ABS
working MFA/check engine light
mk4 HG 10.5:1 compression
Cat 263 cams
ported throttlebody/ Schrick Variable runner length intake
slim fans
ACT 6 puck clutch
low mileage 02a with peliquin limited slip
full 2.5 in exhaust with borla muffler
full engine wire tuck

weitec coilovers
wilwood brakes
3 pc 16" panasport C8

G60 flares all around
recaro interior

Dave VW-9
Our photographer, Dan Purpura, did a great job bringing out the details of Daves ride. Great car, great photography.


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