Special Coverage | Cars & Coffee @ Irvine #2

June 19, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz, Words by William Lee

One of the best ways to enjoy a Saturday morning is to attend Cars & Coffee at Irvine. Unlike other Cars & Coffee that happen weekly, the one at Irvine always has an enormous turnout. If wanting to show your ride, attending between 7~7:30am is a must and being a bit late will give you no choice but to park at a lot with all the visitors.
Nick Schultz was able to make it to yesterday's Cars & Coffee and as expected, tons of cars made it out to the meet.

In my opinion, the best built Domestic sports car of all times, Ford GT40.

You won't see too many Porsches with a visible tow hook.

Classics will always be seen at Cars & Coffee.


Ford GT. According to Nick, there were a few GTs at the meet.


Lotus parked together.

A car to have.

How awesome would it be to daily drive a 911 Porsche and Bentley.


Another car you'll often see at this meet are NSXs.


Tons of Ferraris as well.

Japan cars in line after the legendary Esprit.


Yellow is a gorgeous color, especially on a car.


Engine bay of an Audi R8.


I would daily drive this to work.

Well fitted BMW coming in.

Ending the coverage with a Rolls Royce.
Not a lot of photos were taken at the meet, but you guys can get an idea on what kind of cars come every week. If you haven't checked our first Cars & Coffee at Irvine coverage, check it out here.


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