Special Coverage | Guppy House Meet by 1013MM

June 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Guppy Meet-4

Guppy Meet-5 Guppy Meet-3
I remember seeing the Guppy House Meet event page on facebook a few weeks ago and realized it was being hosted by a good friend of mine, John Zhang from 1013MM Photography. I'm pretty sure most of you guys know John by his amazing photo coverages for Canibeat, but that's not the only site he shoots for when it comes to cars. Also being a photographer for HRE wheels and many others, yesterday's meet was John's first time ever hosting his own meet and the turnout was absolutely exceptional. Not knowing John for a long time but having a good impression since the first day I met him, his favor of asking me to promote the meet on forums didn't make me think twice to say yes. At least 50 forums were noticed about this meet and with great responses on each forum, more than 200 cars showed up, overcrowding Guppy House's parking lot. If you don't know about Guppy House, you'll have to try out their foods because from what I've heard, they got some good Shaved Ice and other goodies.

Guppy Meet-1

Guppy Meet-2
Only one side of the whole place had good lighting, but I tried my best to take photos in the dark. If you don't like some of the photos...my bad!

Guppy Meet-6

Guppy Meet-7

Guppy Meet-8
In front of Guppy House was reserved for luxurious/exotic cars and I have no clue who marked that section because it wasn't John's idea.

Guppy Meet-9
I've never seen this STi or maybe I did but can't remember. 'Still Flossin'.

Guppy Meet-10

Guppy Meet-16
The far left aisle was lined with Evos.

Guppy Meet-11
Definitely one of my favorites, this Evo 9 is executed perfectly with high-end aftermarket parts.

Guppy Meet-12
Nice fitment on CCWs.

Guppy Meet-13
Jason's S14 on custom colored Varrstoens.

Guppy Meet-14
Advan RGIIs on White? Perfect.

Guppy Meet-15

Guppy Meet-17
One of the three STi brothers I see rolling pretty often at meets and events.

Guppy Meet-18

Guppy Meet-19
Meaty fitment.

Guppy Meet-20
Armand's MR2. Always good to see this guy.

Guppy Meet-21
Kelvin's Rx-8 on 5Zigen fn01r-c.

Guppy Meet-22
The whole lot of Albertson's was packed with cars as well. This meet was huge!

Guppy Meet-23
Either it's the same 180sx with Lime Green Gram Lights I saw before or a different one.

Guppy Meet-24
Not a common wheel setup you see on a Supra.

Guppy Meet-25
Clean xB on Work Equips.

Guppy Meet-26
Junction Produce GS sitting pretty.

Guppy Meet-27
Perfect fitment.

Guppy Meet-28
White on Red will never go wrong.

Guppy Meet-29
Track stance. I believe this S2000 was at Wekfest.

Guppy Meet-30
If there was a Junction Produce GS, here's a Junction produce LS.

Guppy Meet-31
Some taping action going on.

Guppy Meet-32
Ruckus crew.

Guppy Meet-33
One unique setup, WRX on Watanabes and yes, these were real.

Guppy Meet-34
Accords that came early, but left when I was about to take a shot.

Guppy Meet-35
Clean 300ZX on Work Meisters.

Guppy Meet-36
White on White = Winning!

Guppy Meet-37

Guppy Meet-38
Cambered EK.

Guppy Meet-39

Guppy Meet-40

Guppy Meet-41

Guppy Meet-42

Guppy Meet-43

Guppy Meet-44

Guppy Meet-45
Rides from team Royal Flush.

Guppy Meet-46

Guppy Meet-47
Miatas on Volk TE37s. Loved the widebody one that had an overall track look.

Guppy Meet-48

Guppy Meet-49
Great fitment and drop on this STi hatchback. Those Volk TE37SLs complete the look.

Guppy Meet-50

Guppy Meet-51
Justin Fong's widebody Civic. AutoCon!

Guppy Meet-52
Brendan's widebody Supra repping Platinum VIP and Royal Origin.

Guppy Meet-53
NSX on Blue Varrstoens.

Guppy Meet-54
Classy it is.

Guppy Meet-55
Ending with a random shot. Had a great time chilling with friends and seeing some rides I usually don't see at meets. When is the next Guppy House meet? Ask 1013MM Photography!


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