Special Coverage | Mfest Invades Smartwax

June 12, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Mfest Smartwax-111
Once in awhile, Smartwax opens its warehouse to invite certain enthusiasts and this month, they invited the members of Mfest. It wasn't too long ago since Mfest had its own event at Las Vegas, but for those who still wanted to feel that excitement of an only BMW car meet, yesterday's meet was perfect for BMW owners.

Mfest Smartwax-13
Arriving late to the meet, there were still a decent amount of cars.

Mfest Smartwax-2

Mfest Smartwax-4

Mfest Smartwax-8

Mfest Smartwax-11
It's always good to see certain meets and events happening based on specific models and events. This meet was not as crazy as Bimmerfest, but a good size to meet new people and check out cars in depth.

Mfest Smartwax-15
Sitting on aggressive set of Varrstoens.

Mfest Smartwax-17
Classic M3s from Euro Concept.

Mfest Smartwax-21

Mfest Smartwax-24
Loving the fitment on what I believe are Interad DTM wheels.

Mfest Smartwax-22

Mfest Smartwax-26

Mfest Smartwax-27

Mfest Smartwax-29
Marc Marquez's daily driven E36.

Mfest Smartwax-32
Flying sparks 24/7. Loving the slammed look.

Mfest Smartwax-33
Boss status M5.

Mfest Smartwax-37

Mfest Smartwax-40

Mfest Smartwax-42
Can't go wrong with HRE wheels.

Mfest Smartwax-43

Mfest Smartwax-46
Tracked M3.

Mfest Smartwax-48

Mfest Smartwax-49
One of my favorite DPE concave models.

Mfest Smartwax-50

Mfest Smartwax-54

Mfest Smartwax-55
Personally, I am opened to real and replica wheels, but seeing center caps that don't belong on certain wheels is a shame.

Mfest Smartwax-59

Mfest Smartwax-60
GT-Rs in the house.

Mfest Smartwax-62
Password:JDM being active like always.

Mfest Smartwax-64

Mfest Smartwax-65
Import Fashion <- Click!

Mfest Smartwax-66
Didn't expect to see a Ferrari.

Mfest Smartwax-73

Mfest Smartwax-72
Built to track.

Mfest Smartwax-74

Mfest Smartwax-78
There's Johnny Ho DJ'ing.

Mfest Smartwax-81
Inside the warehouse were some cars on display like this tuned Lotus.

Mfest Smartwax-82
Gas won't be a problem.

Mfest Smartwax-84
Our editor, Edgar Lozoya's Supercharged G35 coupe.

Mfest Smartwax-92
Back outside for the raffles.

Mfest Smartwax-91
Import Fashion getting ready to snap photos.

Mfest Smartwax-93
Our editor bought $120 worth of raffle tickets and there's his first prize, DIY certificate.

Mfest Smartwax-95

Mfest Smartwax-96
He wins a $80 detailing kit.

Mfest Smartwax-98

Mfest Smartwax-99
Also wins a $170 Paste Wax.

Mfest Smartwax-101
People hated him.

Mfest Smartwax-102
Lucky guy winning a ~$300 Paste Wax.

Mfest Smartwax-107
One thing I learned after Bimmerfest was that at least one BMW owner will act immaturely and there it is, doing a burn out. The car is in our Album of Shame on facebook.

Mfest Smartwax-108
Elite-Autosports enjoying the moment.

Mfest Smartwax-110
Shot of another DJ before heading out.

Had a great time talking with friends and shooting some cars. Hoping the best for Mfest and Smartwax.


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