Special Coverage | SILK Road Auto Show (Keskin Tuning Grand Opening)

June 25, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Keskin Meet-22
A few meets/events were going on today and I was able to make it to two, one being Keskin Tuning's Grand Opening in Anaheim, CA. Keskin is a company pretty famous in the Euro scene with their line of wheels and has been in the automotive scene for quite a long time, originating from Europe and now branching out to the United States.

Keskin Meet-20

Keskin Meet-21
Keskin has their own line of wheels but also carries different lines as well. This is their display room with all the models of different lines on display.

Keskin Meet-23
Because this meet was put together at the last minute, the turnout was very small. It was good though to see a few familiar faces.

Keskin Meet-1
Haven't seen Norman's ride for such a long time. Clean as always.

Keskin Meet-2

Keskin Meet-3
Not sure what the overall theme is in this car, but it sure is catchy.

Keskin Meet-4
Alex's Audi on new set of wheelw.

Keskin Meet-5
That's Alex and his girlfriend Ryan.

Keskin Meet-6

Keskin Meet-8
Jona came down from San Diego to chill at this meet and head out to VIP Modular Wheels x Team Praxis meet tomorrow. His tC is looking good like always.

Keskin Meet-9
DJ of the day, DJ Pow!

Keskin Meet-10
Good to see Jesse and his S14.

Keskin Meet-11
DJ Pow's ride on 5zigens.

Keskin Meet-12

Keskin Meet-13
JDM Sport's project 370Z.

Keskin Meet-14
Fitted VW.

Keskin Meet-15

Keskin Meet-18
Motoyasu brothers!

Keskin Meet-16
No gap tC.

Keskin Meet-17
There's Lee from JDM Sport.

Keskin Meet-26
Spotted a classic Porsche before I left.

Keskin Meet-24
Jona and his friend saying LateZ!!!

Congratulations to Keskin Tuning on their Grand Opening in the States. Hoping the best guys!


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