Special Coverage | -Suds of Love- Charity Car Wash (Pt. II)

June 29, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

We are back with the coverage on last weeks Charity Car Wash for Big Abe. If you read Part 1, I mentioned shooting with our photographer Nick Schultz throughout the whole event, so it's time to share Nick's coverage and just a heads up, don't read this at work.

As much as I fell in love with this Audi Wagon, Nick was the same as well.


Although on bags, the fitment was gorgeous.

Bikers rolling in.


Pretty awesome to see all these aftermarket parts on a Bike. It's the same as cars, but much smaller.

One of the BMWs inside the body shop.

Now to the models, I was trying to find out the name of this model and with the help of Leo from Kuya Protection, her name is Tokki K.

Natalia watering the car.



NOS truck getting some love.

Big Abe was too busy cleaning up the cars.



Harro again.

Nilo's 180sx is now FOR SALE!

Big Abe cleaning up this cambered Element.

Your turn to get rubbed.

DJ of the day doing this thang~


Greeny Whity. Love the combo.
Lucky SC...

Cleaning the headlights...


Don't be jealous...don't be jealous.........

Ok...I'm jealous...

Posing for Night-Import. Her name? no idea so let us know!

Stop drooling guys...


Don't know what's really going on here.

Last shot by Nick closing the coverage.

Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage on Suds of Love Charity Car Wash event for Big Abe. Once again, to make donations to Abe, his paypal address is pst_abe@ymail.com


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