Spotlight | It's not the Tires Screaming, It's the Asphalt

June 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by CFD Productions (Dan Purpura), Words by William Lee

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Almost reaching a year of being active in the automotive scene, I've encountered builds that were outrageously exceptional to a point where I stood around a car thinking how much money and effort was put into it to its final running state. I'm not talking about cars that were built only for shows, but including the ones that were built to track, drift, rally, etc. and from the many model/brands, I was always impressed with those who owned and built a Nissan Silvia.
There are basically 2 routes you see many Silvia owners go with when it comes to motor work; sticking with the KA motor trying to squeeze out every single bit of its power, or an upgraded SR20DET, a much powerful and reliable piece when it comes to any automotive sport. Let's be honest here, what's been mention is a typical path for many Silvias. Don't get me wrong, I love both; however, there will be someone amongst the Silvia crowd unsatisfied with the power given out by either of the two or just tired of doing the same thing like all the others. That's when Steve Klopman and his 240sx come into the Spotlight. What do I mean? Read and see for yourself...

From the looks of it, some of you guys might look at Steve's ride like a typical 240sx, but if not, you deserve a thumbs up because there is much more to it.

Starting from the exterior, we could already see its built purpose. Conversion of the headlights to a S13 Silvia with triple projectors and a GT-R grill (hint hint) is only the beginning. On the aggressive looking URS Type 4 body kit surrounding the slick body lines of a 240sx, this beauty is sitting low on Stance GR+ Coilovers. But what really completes a look of a 'drifting' beauty is the choice of wheels with the low stance. Trying to go all out with the aggressiveness, Steve chose WORK VS-KFs in a staggered set of 17x9.5 +3(F) and 18x10.5 -6(R), wrapped with 215/40/17 and 235/40/18 tires respectively. Also, I can't forget to mention the 5 lug conversion of Ichiba front and S14 rear, an uncommon modification on a 240sx.

-Tein inner and Moog outer tie rods
-Stance aluminum subframe bushings
-ATS Deftforce 2-way differential
-Stance GR+ coilovers
-Megan Racing front traction rods
-Megan Racing RUCAs with upgraded rod ends
-JIC Rear toe rods
-5 lug conversion (ichiba front, S14 rear)
-300zx brakes all around
-Ksport hydraulic hand brake with Wilwood cylinder
-Nismo Power Brace
-Circuit Sports aluminum strut tower brace
-Work VS-KF 17x9.5 +3 (+15mm spacer) (215/40-R17) 18x10.5 -6 (235/40-R18)

You'll soon find out why the title of this feature has the word 'screaming', but the 3" stainless steel turbo-back straight pipe is not a screech but a pleasurable sound that comes out from a powerful masterpiece below.

What you see is not an illusion. Having all the pleasurable aesthetics of a drifting machine, the engine under the hood was not a disappointment. Instead of a stock KA or SR20DET, Steve had to go with the king of the kings, a Series 1 RB25DET and on top of that, a Skyline 5-speed transmission. It goes on with the engine featuring a Holset HX-35 Turbo on modified log manifold, Nismo fuel pressure regulator, and much more.

-Series 1 RB25DET with Skyline 5-speed transmission
-Car completely rewired
-Megasquirt II/extra ECU
-GN Coil Pack
-Holset HX-35 turbo on modified log manifold
-Tial MVS 38mm Wastegate with external dump (15psi)
-ACT Street Performance clutch
-SYKO engine/transmission mount kit
-Driveshaft Shop aluminum 1-piece driveshaft
-Greddy intake manifold with Q45 throttle body
-CXRacing FMIC and custom piping
-K&N Air Filter
-Titanium spark plug cover
-JGY fuel rail with 780cc Low-Z injectors
-Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator with pressure gauge
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
- Innovate Wideband O2 sensor
-3” Stainless steel turbo-back straight pipe exhaust
-CXRacing Aluminum radiator
-Nismo 160 thermostat
-Flex-a-lite slim dual electric fans (Pushers)
-Optima Yellow Top battery with 2/0 power wire

CFD240-5 CFD240-4
The inside might not be a clean look, but it sure does carry a charismatic impression to anyone who will look through the windows. Having the car completely rewired, the SpeedHut Revoultion gauges and HKS fan controller monitors the major and minor components of the engine. Holding Steve as tight as possible is a Momo classic racing seat and in front of him is a Momo Mod 07 steering wheel.

-Momo Classic racing seat
-Impact Cam lock Harness
-Harness bar
-Custom aluminum dash
-Momo Mod 07 steering wheel with NRG short hub
-SpeedHut Revolution gauges (GPS Speed, Tach, Fuel, Boost/Vac, Oil Pressure)
-HKS fan controller
-URS Type 4 kit
-DMAX 30mm rear overfenders
-S13 Silvia conversion with triple projectors and GTR grill
-Custom steel skid pan


Comparison is definitely one of the triggering factors of someone to go further with a build. I hate to compare someone else's car or even my car to another, but in this case, you really can't deny how much Steve's 240sx is standing out from all the others. For crying out loud, it's running on a RB to drift and not to show!

I had to save this photo for last because of how much time and effort was spent to develop such a beautiful shot. Great job to Dan from CFD Productions and thanks to Steve for participating.


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