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June 14, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Kain tC-20
“Hidden in the Shadows..” is a common phrase used in many adventurous novels or maybe in fantasy movies. Those characters or objects come out of nowhere, getting that sudden attention and becoming one of the most memorable moments by readers and viewers. Surprisingly, the automotive scene is no different. Cars you’ve never seen before is parked at an event or meet and it blows your mind, not realizing the time flying by while the cars are being scrutinized by others and you yourself. This car I’m about to introduce to you guys has rarely gone out to meets or events and you had to be lucky enough to see a photo in its current stage. Today, this car will be properly introduced for the first time and will never be seen in a few months. Read along the story to find out why..

Kain tC-5
Kain is the owner of this Scion tC, daily driven and built to show. He isn’t new into the scene, having a crew called VIP fusion in the past and having close relationships with several people in the automotive scene; however, Kain wasn’t that guy who was too active in the car scene. The buying and building was done quietly and throughout those years, he built one of the best looking Scion tC’s and maybe, the possibility of being a candidate of getting a feature on a magazine. Unlike other tC's you've seen, Kain's goal was to build a VIP style car after being inspired by many VIP cars in Japan.

Kain tC-15
There are many modifications that need to be done in order to classify ones car as a VIP car. As most of you VIP guys know, it's not all about the fitment; exterior and interior need to be immaculate with quality parts. Overall, the car is not close of being a complete VIP style car, but only because the continuous project ended sooner than planned. However, taking the approach of an attempt deserves a thumbs up.

Kain tC-29

Kain tC-34

Kain tC-38
Very limited in choosing the right body or lip kit, Kain chose the most expensive as well as best looking lip kit in the tC market; Five Axis. The kit fitment is on point and gives the car a slick look.

Kain tC-73

Kain tC-55
On a VIP/VIP Style car, what completes the look is the choice of wheels. Black Polished Work Varianza F2S was Kain's choice and the stretch on Falken tires went along with the flushness. Take a closer look inside the spokes and there you have the rarest BBK for the tC's, Project Mu.

Kain tC-46
The list goes on, but we can't ignore the ride height. Lowered on B&G RS2 Coilovers, Kain decided not to fully lower the car when it can be slammed to the ground, only because it's daily driven and the route to his house isn't too friendly.

Kain tC-54

Kain tC-58
Not taking the VIP camber look to the extreme, its current overall camber is perfect with the drop.

Kain tC-61 Kain tC-62

Kain tC-71

Kain tC-69
As much as the exterior was well done, the interior didn't fall behind.

Engine & Drivetrain
Tanabe Medallion Concept G Exhaust
TRD Gold Oil Cap
TRD Short Shifter
Carbon Engine Cover
Baller Bolts Titanium Burnt Fender & ARC Intake Bolts

B&G RS2 Coilover System
TRD Strut Tower Bar
Project Mu 14" Four Piston Big Brake Kit

Wheels & Tires
18 x 8.5+?? (F) & 18 x 10 +?? (R) Black Polish Work Varianza F2S
215/40 (F) Falken FK-452 / 225/40 (R) Falken ZE-512
Rays Engineering Formula Wheel Lugs
Project KICS 15mm Wheel Spacer (Front Only)
Aluminum 8mm Wheel Spacer (Front Only)

OEM Carbon Interior Accents
Project Mu Pedal Set
Clear 150mm Bubble Shift Knob
Nardi Torino Black Leather Shift Boot
Nardi Torino Black Leather Perforated Steering Wheel
Works Bell Short Boss
Works Bell Quick Release
Greddy Informeter Touch
Premium Custom Black Plush Floor Mats
Junction Produce Leather Headrest Pillows
Junction Produce Leather Hip Pads
Junction Produce Black Tsuna Knot & Black Fusa
LED MOD Bright White Interior LED Dome Lights

OEM Carbon B-Pillar
Xenon 3k High Beam
Five Axis Designs 4 Piece Lip Kit
VRD Fog Lights w/Lamin-X Tint
Fiberglass Badgeless Rear Garnish
Spalshield Clear Bra
Weathertech Light Tint Vent Visor
NRG Carbon Hood Damper
6K Low Beam HID
3K Fog HID
Kaminari Low Profile Flush Mount Spoiler
OEM-Style LED Taillight

Off the tC
ARC Super Induction Box
TRD Supercharger w/9.5 pulley
Greddy e-Manage Ultimate ECU
Forge Hybrid BPV
Greddy Type 2 Turbo Timer

Kain tC-75
If you didn't respect tC's at all, I hope this feature changed your mind. Facing the facts, the brand ‘Scion’ does not have much respect, especially the tC model. The reasons behind it can be discussed, but to summarize, it’s mostly the drivers and the modification style tC owners tend to do that kills the brand name. But for Kain, it was a different story.
Some of you might still dislike it because of lack of performance, but to let you guys know, Kain had the limited TRD Supercharger and had all the equipment for it to install, but because of time and financial problems, it was only kept in storage.

Kain tC-76
Kain decided to sell his car in a few months and move on to an actual VIP car. It's a disappointment to see such a nice car not getting any recognition, but I am glad that our site was the first one to give it a Spotlight before its farewell goodbye. Thanks to Kain for participating and also model Amy Trinh coming out and collaborating with our photoshoot.

Rest of the photos can be seen on the Flickr account.


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