Event Coverage | Extreme Autofest 2011 (Pt. II)

July 13, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Jay Peña | Words by William Lee

IMG_5810 IMG_5809
I'm sure most of you guys have been waiting for Part 2 to come up. Why? Because as mentioned in Part 1, Part 2 was going to be a surprise, but for those who've been to Extreme Autofest would have guessed it had to be related to models...and.. you're right!
There are tons of activities and side events happening at EAF, but you'll be seeing a crowd at the models booth as if the cars weren't important at all.
To start the hotness off, we got our supporting models Eva Skye and Raichelle Viado!
I also spot Leo from Kuya Protection at the back. When it comes to guarding models or just anything related to protection, hit up Kuya Protection!

IMG_5664 IMG_5915

IMG_5869 IMG_5868
I've seen this model before and all I gotta say is that she goes all out. It's JDM yO!

IMG_5864 IMG_5866
Layla Lu doing her signature pose.

IMG_5860 IMG_5857

I've never seen this model before, but she sure caught my attention.

IMG_5853 IMG_5851

NOS booth model~

IMG_5845 IMG_5844
Jeri Lee in the house!

IMG_5842 IMG_5841
Natalia Marie

IMG_5834 IMG_5832

IMG_5825 IMG_5822
Lily Wang

IMG_5819 IMG_5817
The first model I saw and yelled out "DAYM!", Nikita Esco.

IMG_5814 IMG_5813

IMG_5808 IMG_5806

IMG_5790 IMG_5930

Not too long but a memorable coverage for many of you guys :) Great photos by Jay Peña and make sure to check out Extreme Autofest at San Mateo!


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