Random Spotlight | 370 AmuZe

July 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Powerhouse Amuse full body kit 370Z
Amongst the Z crowd, one model you rarely see being modified to its full potential or unique is a 370Z. During my visit to Fontana Nissan Meet today, I spotted this Red 370Z parked behind of another Z, which many didn’t realize. What caught my attention was the authentic full Powerhouse Amuse body kit and Volk TE37SLs.

Powerhouse Amuse Front Bumper for 370Z
I was very pleased that the owner, Andrew, came up to me asking if I worked for Night-Import after seeing our Night-Import staff shirt I was wearing. Funny part was that he saw our editor Kain at Anime Expo! Our conversation started from there on, talking about the day of the event and his car.

Powerhouse Amuse 370Z
Andrew was able to get his hands on the Powerhouse Amuse Body Kit with the help of our supporters Bulletproof Automotive. Waiting for 7 weeks to get this kit was testing his patience, but overall, he was very satisfied and said, "it was worth the wait".

I've encountered a few 370Zs during this past few months, but never seen one with this kit. But there was more than what was visible to the eyes.

Powerhouse Amuse Exhaust for 370Z
If the body kit wasn't enough, check out this exhaust. It's also from Powerhouse Amuse, designed and manufactured in full titanium. There are two models available, and I believe this one is the RS-Silent STTI Amuse exhaust.

Volk TE37SL wrapped on Hankook V12
To accommodate the body kit, the choice of wheels will always be crucial. From many available, Andrew chose 19" Volk TE37SLs, wrapping them with Hankook V12 tires.

If there was one part I had to choose that can be improved, it will have to be the drop height, but because of how the body kit makes the car look so low, Andrew is keeping the height as-is until he feels comfortable dropping it a bit more. Thanks to Andrew for letting us feature his ride!


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