Special Coverage | In Loving Memory - Benefit Car Meet (Pt. I)

July 26, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee
Low N Slow Charity-99
Being in the automotive scene for a year now, I've been through situations that were positive and negative. From seeing people acting immaturely to witnessing fist fights at meets and events every moment became memorable. One of the most depressing news though is to hear a close friend or someone you don't really know of too well but seen a few times at local meets, passing away from an incident.
A close friend of Tracy's from team Low N Slow, Aleron Castro rested in peace about a month ago because of a medical problem that wasn't announced. I've personally met Aleron a week or so before this happened and couldn't believe the news. He was an automotive enthusiast and had the passion for cars like all of us.

What's really appreciative about this scene is to see people collaborating to help out a cause and that's what happened last week for the meet put together by Tracy and his teammates Low N Slow for Aleron and his family.

Low N Slow Charity-1

Low N Slow Charity-8

Low N Slow Charity-98
The credit really goes to Tracy for making this meet happen because he worked his butt off to bring out all the necessities, such as food trucks, vendors, etc.
Also, props to team Low N Slow for organizing this meet early in the morning to help out Tracy.

Low N Slow Charity-5
The team only had 2 weeks or so to promote this meet and the turnout was absolutely spectacular. You'll be seeing the photos as you scroll down. Here's the team at the front waiting for the cars to roll in.

Low N Slow Charity-3
Chris's truck on different set of wheels while his other ones are being worked on.

Low N Slow Charity-4
Ricardo's Datsun.

Low N Slow Charity-7

Low N Slow Charity-6
Sam from Wright Wheels in his unfinished S2000. I'll be talking about his car later on.

Low N Slow Charity-10
Cayan's Solara.

Low N Slow Charity-9
Question is...Do you know Milt?

Low N Slow Charity-11
Rik's RPS13, recently featured on RealJDM.

Low N Slow Charity-12

Low N Slow Charity-13
I don't really remember seeing this S13 before, but it sure was clean as hell.

Low N Slow Charity-14
Waiting for those pieces to come in Ted!

Low N Slow Charity-15
Mustafa's SC sitting pretty with the new set of beauties.

Low N Slow Charity-16
Noel has some plans with those SSRs so stay tuned.

Low N Slow Charity-17
Haven't seen Jason and his Wagon in a long time. Good seeing you brotha.

Low N Slow Charity-18
Low N Slow's photographer Mike's TSX.

Low N Slow Charity-19
Tracy's TSX on CCWs.

Low N Slow Charity-20
First time seeing this car, so no clue on whose it was.

Low N Slow Charity-22

Low N Slow Charity-21
Loving the fitment on this G. If your front fenders are F'd up, that means you are doing it right.

Low N Slow Charity-23
I first thought these Volk TE37s were Mag Blue but later on found out the color was even rarer.
Forgot the color name, but just know these don't come in hand too often.

Low N Slow Charity-25
IS-F Blue G35 on VS-XXs, introduced in our SmartWax meet coverage.

Low N Slow Charity-26
Done right!

Low N Slow Charity-27
Showing how a G35 can look exotic.

Low N Slow Charity-29
Just a random snap of this bug blending in with Chris's custom colored trunk.

Low N Slow Charity-28

Low N Slow Charity-33

Low N Slow Charity-34

Low N Slow Charity-36
Always good to see a few rides I'm familiar with.

Low N Slow Charity-32

Low N Slow Charity-31
This FC was pretty balling with its RE Amemiya kit.

Low N Slow Charity-37
Team Shyne came to support the meet.

Low N Slow Charity-38
I was drooling over this G for quite a long time. Loved the fitment and wheels.

Low N Slow Charity-39

Low N Slow Charity-40
Dish? Yes.

Low N Slow Charity-42
Daily driven and on static. Keep it up Jeremy.

Low N Slow Charity-44

Low N Slow Charity-43

Low N Slow Charity-45
Team Nuisance.

Low N Slow Charity-46
Repping it big time.

Low N Slow Charity-47
I believe this drift car was from Vildini Motosports.

Low N Slow Charity-48
Look who came down from Murrieta~ Norman's Junction Produce GS.

Low N Slow Charity-86
If you live near Murrieta, make sure to get your tints done by VIP Tint!

Low N Slow Charity-49

Low N Slow Charity-51
Tuck Tuck Tuck.

Low N Slow Charity-50
Perfect fitment.

Low N Slow Charity-52
I've been a fan of this EP3 because of its simplicity and blinging wheels!

Low N Slow Charity-53
Another EP3 on Volk ce28ns.

Low N Slow Charity-54
Fully polished or chrome dipped Mugens blinding my eye sight.

Low N Slow Charity-55
Look familiar? It's the Accord Wagon featured on Super Street a few years ago.

Low N Slow Charity-56
Stay tune for its feature on Just Stance.

Low N Slow Charity-58
Back to Sam's ride, this car is not completed yet, but the fitment is. These Volk RE30s were built for Euro cars, but as you can see, Wright Wheels works on wheels to fit any car.

Low N Slow Charity-60
We got a special coverage for this company coming up probably in a week or so.

Low N Slow Charity-59

Low N Slow Charity-62
Food truck alert!!!

Low N Slow Charity-63
Ending Part 1 with this candy Kevin brought from HK. You bite into it and a burst of coca cola comes out. I'll just say it's addicting. Anyways, more coming up in Part 2!


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