Special Coverage | Pro-Motion Grand Opening / Motion Auto Show Mini Meet

July 17, 2011

Night-Import: Photos by Jay Ebue and William Lee | Words by William Lee

Pro-Motion Meet-36
How's it going Night-Import fans~! Ok, I just ate too much Ice Cream in the morning so I'm a bit hyped up right now, but there's nothing wrong with writing up a coverage in this mood right?
I was actually in an opposite mood yesterday, but it got better once I arrived to Pro-Motion's Grand Opening / Motion Auto Show Mini-Meet. Most of us know that Pro-Motion Distributing is the largest distributors here in Southern California since 1989 and they have a long-time history with their past show called SpoCom; however, this year was a turn around for the company and now, they launched a new show with a new venue called Motion Auto Show.
This mini-meet was organized to introduce automotive enthusiasts to Pro-Motion Distributing and for early registration into Motion Auto Show, so if you showed up yesterday, you got one heck of a deal!

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I actually thought Pro-Motion was located somewhere in the Inland Empires, but I was somewhat glad it was much closer than I thought.


Pro-Motion Meet-93

There were vendors, food, and good amount of cars for this meet.

Pro-Motion Meet-5
A few Evos I spotted at MOD 2011.

Pro-Motion Meet-7
This was pretty legit. You usually don't see Tommy's with their food truck at meets/events. I was a bit disappointed though, which will be explained later on :/

Pro-Motion Meet-8
Spectators and show cars starting to come in.

Pro-Motion Meet-13

Pro-Motion Meet-9
Bumped into our editor Edgar with his sexy Purple G35.

Pro-Motion Meet-14

Pro-Motion Meet-10
Look at this. Edgar's car made it into SSRs new wheel catalog. Congrats!

Pro-Motion Meet-12

Better shot of this Green FD.

Pro-Motion Meet-15

Pro-Motion Meet-18

Pro-Motion Meet-99
This Yellow FD should look familiar because it was on various magazines and covered on many blogs/websites. By the way, I do want to shoot this car but was extremely tired on this day, so sorry to the owner!

Pro-Motion Meet-11
Time Attack STi from MIZU.

Pro-Motion Meet-16
There wasn't a set time for cars to roll-in, so cars were coming in constantly.

Pro-Motion Meet-17
Mikee was blinging from miles away wearing Big Abe's limited edition t-shirt.

Pro-Motion Meet-87

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Matte Green IS-F owned by the host of Motion Auto Show. Loving his ride!

Pro-Motion Meet-21
Clean Acura TL on SSR Type-Fs.

Pro-Motion Meet-22
Unique color combo.

Pro-Motion Meet-24

Pro-Motion Meet-23

Pro-Motion Meet-40
Sick G37 on Greddy Turbo kit, one-off Project Mu BBKs, Volk VR-G2s..gosh!

Pro-Motion Meet-26
Line for Tommy's...There is one near my place, but never tried it out! So back with the story about being disappointed with their burger on this day, there's all this hype about their Chili Burgers, so I ordered one..

Pro-Motion Meet-31
I was eating it half way through and realized...no Chili....WTH!!!

Pro-Motion Meet-27
Anyways, back to the coverage..

Pro-Motion Meet-28
Red CF hood. Spicy~

Pro-Motion Meet-30
Lum Digital and his photography friend. I see these guys everywhere.

Pro-Motion Meet-33


Such a pristine classic!

Pro-Motion Meet-35
NSX on chrome dipped(?) BBSs.

Pro-Motion Meet-41
Dropped CR-Z.

Pro-Motion Meet-42
Never seen this Mitsubishi before, but it does look cute.

Pro-Motion Meet-43

Pro-Motion Meet-44
NOS Energy Drinks in the house!

Pro-Motion Meet-45
New company? Looked pretty legit.

Arqray~ Found out about this company through the host of Motion Auto Show.

Pro-Motion Meet-46
Had to take another shot of Edgar's G. The sexiness won't die out!

Pro-Motion Meet-47


Pro-Motion Meet-52

Pro-Motion Meet-48

Pro-Motion Meet-53
Good to see Platinum VIP and their rides.

Pro-Motion Meet-49
One of my personal favorites!


Go ahead and hate on the camber if you want, but I love it!

Pro-Motion Meet-51
Now I heard someone screaming, turned around to the sound, and saw this woman going ALLLL crazy. She was water spraying all the Evos parked in front of her gate and even to the host! Some people need to calm down..

Pro-Motion Meet-54

Pro-Motion Meet-55
Honda Fits.

Pro-Motion Meet-56

RHD Civic CR-X on Work Equip wheels.

Pro-Motion Meet-57
CCW Evo 10.

Pro-Motion Meet-58

Looking stronger than a Tank!

Pro-Motion Meet-59
Brittney's 300ZX.

Pro-Motion Meet-60


Pro-Motion Meet-61
Well done well done. Evo 10 on Advan RG-IIs.

Pro-Motion Meet-62
This Mustang looked very familiar and I realized it was the one I saw while driving to SEMA last year.

Pro-Motion Meet-63

Pro-Motion Meet-64
Type R FD2 baby!

Pro-Motion Meet-68
Random Spotlight or maybe even a Spotlight on this Yaris! Stay tuned.

Pro-Motion Meet-71
Fitted and clean!

Pro-Motion Meet-72

Pro-Motion Meet-73
These RX-8s were gorgeous.

Pro-Motion Meet-74
Black on Black couldn't look any better.

Pro-Motion Meet-75
G's from SocalDriven.

Pro-Motion Meet-76
Unique in its own way.

Pro-Motion Meet-77
Fitted on Work Emotions CR-Kai wheels.

Pro-Motion Meet-4
Evo on Black TE37s.

Pro-Motion Meet-78
Rally'd out!

Pro-Motion Meet-79
Lower the better~

Pro-Motion Meet-80

Seen this S2000 somewhere...

Pro-Motion Meet-82
Justin's widebody Civic, now repping a new crew, 1up!

Pro-Motion Meet-84
A few Bikers rolled in as well.

Pro-Motion Meet-88

Supa sexy 300ZX.

Pro-Motion Meet-92
Sooo nicee

Pro-Motion Meet-94
Ballers rolling in.

Pro-Motion Meet-95
Work VS-XX + Greddy BBK Cement 350Z.

Pro-Motion Meet-96

Pro-Motion Meet-97

O? Never seen this ride before.



Air'd out G on Lime Green Volk TE37s.

Black Chrome Work Meisters!

That's what I call standing out.

Jason's Takata S14 on Lime Yellow Varrstoens.

Whoa! When did this ride show up?

Pro-Motion Meet-100
Boss looking 7 series.

Pro-Motion Meet-29
That's about it! Successful mini-meet at Pro-Motion Distributing.
Make sure to register for Motion Auto Show on August 21st! If you haven't registered yet, click on the hyperlink or CLICK HERE!


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