Special Coverage | Trend Setters 2011 by Mfest x Oakley

July 27, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

I was debating on going to this meet after SmartWax x Chemical Guys Open House last Saturday because of being less exposed to Euro cars and wanted to expand my viewing pleasures. Driving almost 5 hours every weekend is not so wallet friendly and because I'm currently driving with -8 camber in the rears, I have to think twice on where to go and do coverage. Fortunately, my site has photographers located in various areas in SoCal and I'm always grateful when they go out there to do a coverage for the site. I had no clue Nick went to this meet until one of my friend told me Nick was using his 'stance' pose to shoot the cars, so an early thanks to Nick!

But enough with my gratitude to our photographers (love you guys) and let's get to the event.
Last week, one of the biggest BMW forums, Mfest, organized their annual gathering meet with Oakley at Oakley headquarters located in Foothill Ranch, CA. I'm clueless on how this meet started, but from what I've heard from close friends, this is a must-to-attend meet for all Euro car owners.



It's not like the old days when a meet or an event was opened to only specific brands. More and more event/meet organizers are opening it up to every make and model, which is somewhat of a good and bad thing. Up to you guys to judge.

Inside of Oakley HQ. Looks like a mansion.

Seems like the meet was off the hook!

Savini brought out their exotic cars. I've seen the Ford GT and Lamborghini at Tecnocraft's facility and been up-to-date with its new parts. You have to see it in person to be amazed.


To know more about Joyride, click here.

370Z and Luigi's S2000.

A bit of shade from those grasses.


_999_217 _999_214
I've seen Crooks & Castles only at major events and seeing this Wagon in pictures really doesn't do any justice.


Fitted in every way.




Seems like Marc's E36. I can also spot 1013MM photography at the left with its old set of wheels, which means we'll be shooting his ride with the new set :)




Ford GT again. One of my personal favorite Domestic sports car.


Uh oh..seems like someone got stuck.


Closer look into the wheel & BBK setup.

Breaking necks because of its exoticness(?)

Tan's S2000.

Do I spot Mag Blue TE37s?


A color combo I'm digging a lot these days, White on Gold.

Line of TEs.



SSR Type Fs on this widebody.

Titanium tips! (different BMW)


Ending the coverage with stunning models.
Thanks again to our photographer Nick for the coverage!


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