Event Coverage | SpoCom 2011 (Pt. II)

August 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

SpoCom 2011-306
Back with the coverage on SpoCom! I know you guys were waiting for it! (if not...nvm). There are so many photos to share and like always, I don't want to dump them in a photo album for you guys to just click and check out, so you'll be seeing separate parts of my own coverage and also a few others done by our photographers as well.
I made a few mistakes in Part 1 and those are now fixed! Things got a bit hectic at the last minute and I had to leave without reading what I even wrote. Promise I'll be a bit more careful before I get threatened. (-_-)v
I'm starting Part 2 with a photo of MotorMavens and Wheel Flip's booth. Thanks again to Antonio from MotorMavens for helping us out. More photos will be shared later on.

SpoCom 2011-138
Where I should have started happened 2 hours later, but better than never right? Here's a BMW E46 done by TNT Autobody, rolling on Volk TE37s. Good to be sponsored by Falken tires.

SpoCom 2011-139
I'm sure this AE86 got enough fame, but for those who still don't know, that's a swapped S2000 F20C motor. Full feature by Super Street here.

SpoCom 2011-140

SpoCom 2011-141
Widebody E46.

SpoCom 2011-142
Somewhat fitted Camaro.

SpoCom 2011-145

SpoCom 2011-143
Haven't seen this Rx-7 FC in person before, but saw a photo that was posted by Marcus Cooke Photography. This FC actually belongs to the owner of the Yellow FD our photographer Andy shoot, which will show up as you guys scroll down.

SpoCom 2011-146
This BMW was flashing a lot of colorful Halos.

SpoCom 2011-147
Randy's Lambo Orange G.

SpoCom 2011-149

SpoCom 2011-148
More than just impressive.

SpoCom 2011-152
I didn't realize our photographer Andy Nguyen came in, but this guy drives all the way from NorCal to do an event coverage no matter how big the event is. Always appreciate Andy doing work for us!

SpoCom 2011-153
Spotted Canibeat's photographer Marcus Cooke.

SpoCom 2011-154
Style overall is a bit too much, but if the wheels were actually sitting flush to the widebody fenders and the headlights weren't condensated, I would give it a thumbs up.

SpoCom 2011-155

SpoCom 2011-159
VIP Auto Salon's project Lexus Hybrid on some Gloss Bronze Anodize lipped wheels.

SpoCom 2011-160
K&N and their Evo. This was my first time seeing this company at an event.

SpoCom 2011-161
MB Junkies!

SpoCom 2011-162

SpoCom 2011-163

SpoCom 2011-164
I remember seeing this S13.5 at Formula D Tech Day @ UTI. Loved the overall style.

SpoCom 2011-165
Our supporter Odi Bakchis! YAY!!!!!!

SpoCom 2011-166
The fame on this Minty Fresh Z on VIP Modular Wheels repping LowBallers spread like a virus! Check out its feature on StanceWorks.

SpoCom 2011-167
First saw this IS through Import Fashion.

SpoCom 2011-168
Few rides repping AA Autoworks.

SpoCom 2011-169
It's either a hate or like thing, but I personally love this car. I don't know why, but the execution is catchy.

SpoCom 2011-170
I remember seeing this Cube being worked on before it even got a paint job. It came out pretty nice.

SpoCom 2011-171

SpoCom 2011-172

SpoCom 2011-173
Few more Benzes from the MB Junkies line.

SpoCom 2011-175
I fell in love with this color.....Color Code please?

SpoCom 2011-177
Not too common to see modified BMW 1 series, but this one was pretty clean sitting on Advan RZs. John Zhang! Where you at!??

SpoCom 2011-178

SpoCom 2011-179

SpoCom 2011-180
You guys already know about Team Praxis.

SpoCom 2011-181

SpoCom 2011-182
"Welcome to VIP Modular Wheels."

SpoCom 2011-183
This finish was called Aqua something..

SpoCom 2011-184

SpoCom 2011-185

SpoCom 2011-186
VIP Modular bringing out VIP/VIP style cars like always.

SpoCom 2011-188
Another Veilside Z spotted after the first one in Part 1.

SpoCom 2011-189
If this is the same Supra I saw at XDC, it pulls 1000HP.

SpoCom 2011-190
ABS Dynamics Genesis Coupe.

SpoCom 2011-191
What the heal? If i'm not mistaken...is that a Camry?

SpoCom 2011-192

SpoCom 2011-193

SpoCom 2011-194
AimGain VIP GS.

SpoCom 2011-196
One of the Evos I've seen around at a lot of major car shows repping his sponsor Password:JDM.

SpoCom 2011-197
Rally'd out Evo I saw at MOD 2011.

SpoCom 2011-199
I was speechless when I saw this Chocolate Brownie Brown (that's what I call it) Altezza on Work VS-XXs. I was expecting a 2JZ under the hood, but by far, this is one of the sexiest paint jobs on an Altezza I've ever seen. Clap Clap Clap.

SpoCom 2011-201
Full Vertex S14.

SpoCom 2011-202

SpoCom 2011-204
It hasn't been too long since I shot John's car when it had different set of wheels and in a few months, he did a major upgrade by buying to these very expensive, ballerish, concave DPE wheels. High five brotha!!

SpoCom 2011-205
Mm...Work Meisters on a G sedan...not bad.

SpoCom 2011-207

SpoCom 2011-208

SpoCom 2011-210
Tracked Matte G. Starting from that Blue G at the top till this Matte G, all of these guys are from RAREJDM, a company/friend-family/team.

SpoCom 2011-211
Black'd out!

SpoCom 2011-212
Where are all the FD2s? I think this is the only one I've seen so far.

SpoCom 2011-213
Keeping it simple.

SpoCom 2011-214
Classic Datsun with even rare classic JDM wheels.

SpoCom 2011-215

SpoCom 2011-216

SpoCom 2011-217
Now to team Ar-k-n. I don't know the exact history of this team, but heard they used to be pretty dam crazy with their show cars and with the amount of members.

SpoCom 2011-218

SpoCom 2011-220
Full Voltex....gawd dam...

SpoCom 2011-221

SpoCom 2011-223

SpoCom 2011-224

SpoCom 2011-225

SpoCom 2011-227

SpoCom 2011-322
Ar-k-n is starting to recruit new members, so I'll be looking forward to their growth again.

SpoCom 2011-228
It was surprising to see so many GT-R R35s like the Fontana Nissan Meet I attended last month.

SpoCom 2011-229
A "Black Edition" R35.

SpoCom 2011-230

SpoCom 2011-231

SpoCom 2011-324
This one was pretty darn crazy. I've seen it once at the 626 meet, but always forgot to take a closer look at it. The Aeromotions spoiler you see retails for $1,700 and the price is definitely worth it. Why? Check out Aeromotions website.

SpoCom 2011-235
The color on this R35 was absolutely stunning. It had a mix of Purple, Brown, Gold, etc.

SpoCom 2011-265
Time Attack R35 from Fontana Nissan.

SpoCom 2011-266
Looked pretty sick.

SpoCom 2011-267

SpoCom 2011-268
Look what we have here. Our supporters Bulletproof Automotive's GT-RR. I can't explain how crazy this beast is so you'll have to visit their site to read more about it.

SpoCom 2011-269

SpoCom 2011-270

SpoCom 2011-271
Last time I saw COBB Tuning's R35, it was on sale.

SpoCom 2011-273
Fitted on HRE wheels.

SpoCom 2011-274

SpoCom 2011-275
These two R35s along with the others above got chosen as DSPORT x NAGTROC R35 Showcase cars. Congratulations!

SpoCom 2011-332
That's it for Part 2. More exciting stuffs coming up in Part 3 and a separate coverage done by our photographers. Bye~!


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