Random Spotlight | Seeker DC2

August 29, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Zee-Zayas | Words by William Lee

Seeker Int-1
There are a few tuning shops in Japan that many of us don't even know of. Only handfuls are recognized, while others are taking a never ending step to reach fame or to at least make their shop known to a few enthusiasts. This was my first time, and I'm speculating this will be your first as well, hearing about a car tuning shop dedicated to Hondas, called Seeker. We might think of this company as a growing tuning shop in the Japan tuning industry, but in reality, Seeker has been in the scene since 2006, testing and tracking their project cars every week. When I mean by project cars, I'm talking about the ones that are equipped with Seeker's own products, such as suspensions, exhausts, headers, etc.
We might have the opportunity to introduce their shop later on, but for today, our photographer Zee-Zayas and I want to introduce you guys to one of their cars, the Seeker DC2.

Seeker Int-5

Seeker Int-6
If you keep yourself updated with Time Attack cars in Japan, this DC2 and the company's name should ring a bell. Not too long ago, it was compared and tracked against RG-O EK9 and J's Racing DC5 for the first round and for the second, with the two cars previously mentioned plus Spoon Sports FD2 Civic Type R and Honda NSX-R. What were the results?

Seeker Int-8

Seeker Int-9 Seeker Int-3

Seeker Int-4
What most of us want to know is the built engine in this beauty. Within Seeker is another branch solely based on building engines, hence the name K-Tech. This small company is known for using very light weight forged pistons and much more to bump the maximum horsepower an engine can put out. According to some sources, K-tech 1.8 liter engines pull about 230bhp, which is absolutely astonishing.

Seeker Int-2
The color 'Blue' is the theme of this car, including the interior. I read a short paragraph from Speedhunters introducing the Seeker DC2 and its "complex roll-cage".

Seeker Int-10

Zee-Zayas did not get a chance to receive the full mod list, but we can obviously tell there are so many products packed into this machine.

Seeker Int-11

Seeker Int-12
I want to thank Seeker for giving us an opportunity to feature one of their project cars and Zee-Zayas for his time visiting the shop and shooting their DC2.


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