Special Coverage | Lexus of Westminister Meet

August 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Words by William Lee

While I was busy at Sideway Sundays, our photographer Nick made it out to an annual Lexus meet at a Lexus dealership located in Westminister, CA. I've actually came across this event post on the Lexus forums and was planned to attend, but because I had to support an event our site was a part of, I missed out! Looking through the photo coverage, seems like this meet was off the hook.

I've personally been a huge fan of Lexus cars. It has that luxurious look and the name itself sounds sexy.


Only 100 spots were available at this meet because of the location, but it filled up in a matter of days.

Badgeless grill and tucked.


Saying sup to Night-Import.

VIP cars ftw.

Junction Produce all the way.


Anyone want NOS?

and the Grand Prize goes to....

Ordens = Sex.

True VIP.

Royal Flush.





VIP Auto Salon never disappointing the tuner fans with their skills on modifying Lexus cars.

Matte on Five Axis wheels.


Lexus Hybrid Hatchback with a fitted style.


Hint Hint

Colorful line.


Like a baus.

Seems like the set of TE37s were switched off to TE37SLs.

Great coverage by Nick once again.


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