Special Coverage | 626 Drift: Friday Night Car Meet

September 3, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

626 Meet-37
This past week was probably one of those weeks I've ever been active in focusing only on local car meets here in Southern California. Most of you guys already know I got invited to a meet in Glendale, CA on Tuesday, which is covered at the bottom of this post. I also attended a weekly car meet at Krispy Kream Donuts located in Rowland Heights on Wednesday, but did not cover it yet because of forgetting to take my camera. Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite meets in Alhambra, CA hosted by the 626 Drift Crew. Also known as Cha for Tea meet, I remember this being my 2nd meet after Low N Slow's meet few months ago when I got into the car scene. One of the reasons why I enjoy going to this one is because of the people more than cars. I do not know every single person who goes to this meet, but I would say most of my friends were made from here than any other meets I've been to in the past. Trying to relieve the stress and pressure with so many random shit I've been going through, I came out a bit early and met up with EuroTuner star Jose to roll together.

626 Meet-6
We arrived at about 10pm and a few cars were already there. This meet usually gets packed at around 10:30pm~ish but the amount of cars present during our arrival was not bad at all. By the way, no tripod again, so please understand the grainy and out-of-focus photos.

626 Meet-1
Only time I saw this S14 was at Sideway Sundays. Pretty sick looking color combo.

626 Meet-2
I think those are discontinued JIC wheels.

626 Meet-3
Whoa~ Track setup M3 on Volk TE37SLs, APR splitter, etc.

626 Meet-4
Carbon fiber goodies on this 370Z.

626 Meet-5
Sickest GT-R R35 I've ever seen at this meet. More of it later on.

626 Meet-7
If you want to see R35s, you gotta hit this meet up.

626 Meet-8

626 Meet-9
Can you believe this S14 is daily driven and drifted?

626 Meet-10
Alex's daily driven Audi.

626 Meet-11
First time seeing this Miata.

626 Meet-12
Work VS-XX and MB Battle combo.

626 Meet-13

626 Meet-14

626 Meet-15

626 Meet-16

626 Meet-17

626 Meet-18
Few Bimmers from MFEST.

626 Meet-22
Jose's sexy ride.

626 Meet-23
Didn't expect Charles to come out with his widebody S2000.

626 Meet-24
Tracked STi.

626 Meet-25
I randomly came across this sticker and the first thing that popped up in my head was the photo of a tattooed girl working on a car..I can't find that photo, but search it up.

626 Meet-26
Getting packed! I see the 626 couple.

626 Meet-29
Back to that sexy GT-R R35, I think it was Vinyl wrapped but not too sure. The color of the vinyl though was freakin sexy! Inside those 5 spoke forged wheels were Brembo Calipers on Alcon rotors. Check out that new gen Aeromotion spoiler.

626 Meet-33
Slammed Si.

626 Meet-34

626 Meet-36

626 Meet-35
RB20 in this drifting machine.

626 Meet-41
Nice lineup.

626 Meet-39

626 Meet-40
Herraflush rides.

626 Meet-42
1UP x It's JDM yO!

626 Meet-43
Rolling out in style.

626 Meet-44
Sexy Evos.

626 Meet-45
Rx-8 brothers.

626 Meet-46
Literally aimed the flash towards Mikee's face when I was taking a photo of Jon Jon's IS. My bad!

626 Meet-47

626 Meet-48
Royal Flush.

626 Meet-38
I'll probably be hitting up this meet next week as well, so see you guys there!
Here's the Facebook Event Page in case if some of you guys want to come (^-^)v


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