Special Coverage | AutoCon Promo Video (Behind the Scenes)

September 4, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

AutoCon Promo-57
Surprisingly, there were no events or meets scheduled for this week, which means I get to stay at home and do jack shit or be a good boy and study for an upcoming exam next year. To be honest with you guys, I should not even be going out every weekend to go to a car show and shoot because I have to face reality and do what I have to do for my future career, but being a blogger in the car scene is like a drug...you know you have to quit at some point if not serious, but something pulls you more into it.. That's pretty much how I felt yesterday going to AutoCon's promo video shooting at City of Industry, CA. I'm pretty much studying 24/7 every single day, but have been going to meets just to let that stress and pressure out as much as possible. There's really no one that's been helping me out with difficulties I'm facing these days, but going to something automotive related loosens everything inside me, which is why I had to go out and see how this filming process was going to be done.
I got invited to this special event by the host of AutoCon because of promoting the event last year when it first launched. AutoCon 2010 was the first underground parking structure car show in Southern California and the turnout was absolutely amazing. Who would have even thought of doing such a thing like Fast and Furious? What might have been seen as being impossible became possible and AutoCon became one of the most memorable events to many automotive enthusiasts.
This year, AutoCon is going to be totally different. With an even bigger and better venue, AutoCon will be held at Irvine, CA where Gymkhana 1 was recorded. You can check all the information through this Event Announcement link or AutoCon's official website, so make sure to click and read it through.

AutoCon Promo-28
The filming was done at several places, but it started off where AutoCon happened last year.
Let me show you the cars that were present for this special event.

AutoCon Promo-1
First car that caught my attention was Shavi's MazdaSpeed 3, repping Royal Origin and Low Ballers. I'm not going to talk much about this car because ... well.. let's just go on.

AutoCon Promo-2
Charles's widebody S2000.

AutoCon Promo-3
Jon Jon's VIP style Lexus IS.

AutoCon Promo-4
Big Mike's Prelude.

AutoCon Promo-5
Our editor Edgar's G35 at the left and the host's widebody Civic Si at the right.

AutoCon Promo-52

AutoCon Promo-6
Steve's VIP LS from AutoFashion.

AutoCon Promo-7
and...I had to take a walk outside because the underground parking structure was hot as f*ck...
I did spot this Lexus RX on VIP Modular Wheels, which participated in the 2nd filming session.

AutoCon Promo-8
Went back downstairs and decided to shoot with my flash. Shavi's ride again.

AutoCon Promo-9

AutoCon Promo-10
Nathan's Audi Wagon. It was good seeing him for a few seconds.

AutoCon Promo-11
Didn't expect to see Alex with his RPS13. He swapped out his AMEs to Volk TE37s.

AutoCon Promo-12
AutoCon's videographer Rocky Wong's Mazda 3. I love it!

AutoCon Promo-14

AutoCon Promo-15
Brendan's sexy Supra.

AutoCon Promo-16
Look who I spotted! Paul aka Mr. Motion Auto Show! I was a bit disappointed when I found out all the photos I took of Paul's IS-F came out like crap because of my unstable hands..sorry!

AutoCon Promo-17
Brendan moving his car for a quick shoot.

AutoCon Promo-18
Guys from Royal Origin talking with Justin about what to do..

AutoCon Promo-19
1UP x It's JDM yO!

AutoCon Promo-20
Wdup Jackson! "Please come to DTM AutoBody!" (not related to his shirt..but holla at our supporters Password:JDM).

AutoCon Promo-21
Owner of this Evo 10 is Miguel, a new member from 1UP. Volk TEs look good on ANY car dammit! Those are Volk TE37SLs.

AutoCon Promo-22
Kelvin's Rx-8 on 5Zigen FN01R-Cs.

AutoCon Promo-23
Hella fitted E30 on BBS RSs.

AutoCon Promo-24
Eric's ITB'd DC5 and Jose's Audi.

AutoCon Promo-25
I see Jon Jon's IS.

AutoCon Promo-27
Jackson's Bike.

AutoCon Promo-29
Random shot of Brendan's Supra.

AutoCon Promo-30
Sexiest conv. S13, daily driven and drifted. Rolling shot!

AutoCon Promo-32
Eric and Sherry (SSFIV Super Star) having a conversation about the best looking guy in the building; Eric himself, or those 3 guys in the front.

AutoCon Promo-33
Brendan having a lecture about how his Supra became so famous.

AutoCon Promo-34
Spotted this newly wed in a Mini Copper. Congratulations! Have a kid!

AutoCon Promo-35
Another shot of the conv. S13.

AutoCon Promo-36
Classic Camaro RS. I wouldn't mind having a domestic muscle car like this.

AutoCon Promo-37
Filming in session...

AutoCon Promo-38
This widebody TSX rolled in later on.

AutoCon Promo-39
Angelo's supa-slammed 350Z.

AutoCon Promo-41 AutoCon Promo-42
Eric's DC5 attracts both girls and boys.

AutoCon Promo-45
and he knows it.

AutoCon Promo-48
Evo 10 on Volk RE30s. I see a  Wheelflip decal~!

AutoCon Promo-49

AutoCon Promo-50
Better shots of these rides.

AutoCon Promo-51
Team Praxis in the house!

AutoCon Promo-46
Last shot before I went outside.

AutoCon Promo-47
No idea what this part was for.. I'll just have to wait until the video comes out..

AutoCon Promo-53
Tons of cars that came out to participate. A very short filming session here before heading to the next location.

AutoCon Promo-56
Got dark pretty quickly! There's Vivi in the middle checking how things are going.

AutoCon Promo-58

AutoCon Promo-60
Peepz chilling.

AutoCon Promo-61
626 buddies Kelvin and Ryan.

AutoCon Promo-63

AutoCon Promo-65
This is what happens when a girl drives a GT-R R35.

AutoCon Promo-66
Ryan smoking in front of the R35 saying to himself, "whew...one day.." That's what I say to myself every time I see one...

AutoCon Promo-59
Ending this long/short preview coverage with Brendan being a boss on his Supra.

Make sure to check out AutoCon and its Event Page for updated info! Our site will be fully supporting this event, so you'll be seeing much more stuff on forums and our fanpage. Good job to the host and everyone who came out for the filming!


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