Event Coverage | Formula Drift Round 7 - Title Fight (Practice/Qualifying)

October 7, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Formula D Practice-21
It's finally here back to Southern California! Formula Drift Round 1 @ Long Beach, CA was such an amazing event and many were anticipated to see professional drifters ripping the tracks and flying tire rubbers throughout the stadium once again. I luckily got accepted as Scion d-VIP for Round 7, which allows access to certain parts of the event, but I sort of regret not applying for media this year because I had a kick ass time last year covering the last rounds of Formula D. It's not about walking around and seeing classier models or cars in the Speedway, but the intensity you feel when getting on track and shooting drift cars that pass right by your face! Wait...not really...but the cars do really come close to you. Anyways, it's pretty difficult for me to cover both the car show and drifting on the day of the event, which is why I have photographers working for my blog. Jay Ebue will be sharing his amazing drift photos tomorrow, so stay tuned for that part.

Well few weeks ago, I had already planned on attending the practice and qualifying rounds, but what made that choice optional became sort of mandatory in a good way because I had to shoot for drifter Nikolay Constantino and his team NK Racing. I was a bit late to the event because of dam traffic, but what made it worse was Nikolay's S13 shutting down because of engine failure. I'll be talking more about it throughout this coverage, so LEGO!

Formula D Practice-1
I don't remember seeing the podium being placed in front of the entrance. A lot of things changed this year, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Formula D Practice-3
I wonder what will happen here at NOS Energy Drink's booth.

Formula D Practice-2
As usual, the vendors.

Formula D Practice-4

Formula D Practice-86
Falken Tires always having a good display....and models.

Formula D Practice-5
K&N brought out a sick Matte Black G35 that I've never seen before...or I think I did but can't remember.

Formula D Practice-101
In front of Need for Speed's booth was this sexy beast; Vaughn Gitten Jr.'s Ford Mustang RTR-X.

Formula D Practice-6
Dat a$$ and wheel lip!

Formula D Practice-7
Haven't seen this one before.

Formula D Practice-8

Formula D Practice-9
Ay!! Cressdia from the infamous Serial Nine.

Formula D Practice-11

Formula D Practice-14
So right when I was walking to the entry section for drifters, I saw Nikolay's S13 being towed and had no reason why. His face expression wasn't so good :/

Formula D Practice-12
But I saw Matt Powers and he looked pretty excited!

Formula D Practice-15
Chris Forsberg and his 370Z.

Formula D Practice-16
Matt Powers again.

Formula D Practice-17
Darren Mcnamara's Saturn Sky.

Formula D Practice-18
Personally, my favorite when it comes to the looks. Ross Petty's S15 from Boso Garage.

Formula D Practice-19
Those are some beautiful HREs on Tyler Mcquarrie's Z.

Formula D Practice-20
Matt Field's 240sx.

Formula D Practice-26
The beast! Vaughn Gitten Jr. and his Mus~~tang.

Formula D Practice-27
After the drifters entered, I was walking around to see what kind of cars were parked inside of the Speedway and I spotted RMR's Equus.

Formula D Practice-88
If the Equus is present, then their 500HP+ Genesis will be there as well.

Formula D Practice-28
HUH??? Now that's HOT! Rx-7 FD dressed up as a cop car.

Formula D Practice-29
Not such a good day NK Racing..the LS engine just failed because of a piston when Nikolay was leaving the tracks. It seems like the team will not be participating tomorrow for drifting but will stay on-site to give out autographers, etc.

Formula D Practice-42

Formula D Practice-43
Dodge cars getting prepped.

Formula D Practice-44
I think they are sponsored by V-Leds.

Formula D Practice-45
Didn't see Tony Brakohiapa and his Mustang on the track.

Formula D Practice-46
Liked this CR-Z from Meguiar's booth.

Formula D Practice-48
Also this Vorsteiner BMW.

Formula D Practice-47
JDM Sport!

Formula D Practice-49
MotoIQ had a Z32 as a displayed car.

Formula D Practice-51
Megan Racing's booth.

Formula D Practice-52
What a cutie! The new Scion iQ.

Formula D Practice-53
I've never seen that Evo from Trident's booth...looked..pretty...different.

Formula D Practice-54
2 S2000s in 310 Tuner's booth. The White one is from team 1UP, which is the one I featured few months ago; Built Like No Other.

Formula D Practice-56
Scion Racing prepping the tC driven by Fredric Aasbo.

Formula D Practice-87
We all know about this devil..right?

Formula D Practice-91
Here's Joon Maeng talking with one of his fans. He is such a nice guy! I wanted to go up to him and say Hi in korean, but I'm a shy guy...wait...I'm not...wth?

Formula D Practice-95
There were a few cars from Serial Nine.

Formula D Practice-96
OG Cressida.

Formula D Practice-99

Formula D Practice-100
A view of how packed it was around 4pm.

Formula D Practice-102
Walked a bit more and saw Neil Tjin Edition Camaro.

Formula D Practice-57
Now to my gay drifting photos! I was able to take some decent shots at the VIP location.

Formula D Practice-58

Formula D Practice-60

Formula D Practice-61

Formula D Practice-62

Formula D Practice-63

Formula D Practice-67

Formula D Practice-68

Formula D Practice-70
Saw this girl holding a lens that seemed bigger than her upper body.

Formula D Practice-71

Formula D Practice-73
Had no idea Ken Gushi was drifting till I was taking photos. Repping the 1st gen Scions! Woot!

Formula D Practice-80

Formula D Practice-82

Formula D Practice-83
Not too many photos were taken during the practice rounds. Actually, I took too many but deleted more than half of them because it came out like really bad.

Formula D Practice-84
Fredric Aasbo was spectating like a boss!

Formula D Practice-105

Formula D Practice-107
Lastly, few sexy rides I spotted while walking to my car.

Tomorrow will be an EPIC day, so see you guys there!


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