Event Coverage | Formula Drift Round 7 - Title Fight (Pt. I)

October 9, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

FD Final-3
I had a kick ass time at Irwindale on Friday during Formula D practice and qualifying rounds and was expecting much more on Saturday. As expected, let's just say out of all the Formula D events I've been to, yesterday's final round were THE BEST! The competition amongst the drifters were so intense and the amount of spectators overcrowding Irwindale Speedway couldn't get any bigger. Matter of fact, yesterday's event had the biggest crowd ever from all the previous final rounds held at Irwindale Speedway. You'll be seeing some crowd photos throughout this coverage, so sit tight and enjoy my story from how it started till the end.

Well first off, I was planned to show my ride in Fatlace's Car Show section with 1013mm, but because of some sudden plans I had to attend, that was cancelled and I decided to apply for Scion D-VIP, which is only for those who own Scions and once accepted, have access to certain places at the event and  a separate parking lot. Luckily, I got chosen from the 50 who got in, so things went pretty smoothly.

FD Final-1
I arrived at around 2pm because that's when Scions were informed to roll in. While walking to the will-call booth, I saw this long line of spectators being covered by tire smoke.

FD Final-2
Friday's event was an optional event to attend for Scion d-VIPs, but as you guys have seen my coverage on Friday's event, I got the pass and everything on Friday, but forgot to bring my wristband on Saturday! Shit! I got in trouble and had difficulties getting in because once you pick up your stuff, you can't take them off. Sorry to the guys at Scion for making things complicated! Much love!

FD Final-4
The first car I saw upon entering the Speedway. I think I've seen this Z somewhere, but can't really remember.

FD Final-5
NOS's DJ playing some dope music.

FD Final-6

FD Final-7
Exotics I've previously seen at events. This LF-A though, had some aggressive sized wheels that fitted perfectly along with the fenders.

FD Final-8

FD Final-9
Sparco didn't bring out their Bugatti seat for display, which retails for about $15k or so.

FD Final-10
I don't know how other Formula D events manage used tires, but at the Final Rounds in Irwindale Speedway, they give them away for free! I wouldn't mind taking a set if they had the right sizes for my rims, but some had plenty of thread left.

FD Final-11
Falken booth always had a line throughout the event because Falken Spokesmodels were giving out signed posters.

FD Final-12
Weather wasn't so bad like last year...thank gawd!

FD Final-14
Nitto Tires had some sexy cars on display like this S2000 from Evasive.

FD Final-15

FD Final-16
Didn't expect to see Brad's Rx-7 FD! I need to feature this car ASAP!

FD Final-17

FD Final-146
Evasive's Time Attack Evo is a KILLER!

FD Final-18

FD Final-147

FD Final-148
The famous AE86 from R-Rydes. Just look at that amazing work.

FD Final-19

FD Final-20
Aggressive sized wheels on this Genesis Coupe.

FD Final-21
ClutchMaster always coming out to major events with their widebody M3.

FD Final-22
A Mustang I always see under APR Performance's booth.

FD Final-23
Haven't seen this Evo for quite a long time.

FD Final-24
Zombie Horse!

FD Final-26
Now to the Car Show section, spotted this Kid sized Go-Kart. It's good to start young.

FD Final-27
Attention whore G35 driven by our editor Edgar Lozoya. People call it the 'Egg-Plant' G35 these days...so I guess that's what I'll have to call it from now on.

FD Final-28
Clean Z32 under MotoIQ's booth.

FD Final-152

FD Final-151

FD Final-29
Displayed cars under Meguiars booth. I really wasn't expecting to see this Dodge Challenger designed by Jon Sibal. It's pretty interesting how I posted a photo of this car on my fanpage a week ago and then seeing it in person. This car was absolutely stunning. So...what does that mean? Random Spotlight coming soon!

FD Final-31
There were a lot of cars I haven't seen before at Fatlace's Car Show. I think last year was bigger, but the amount of participated cars was good enough.

FD Final-32
Because of the sun location, I decided to take rear shots of some cars, so stay tuned for Part 2 with better shots. If you're asking why I won't dump all the photos in Part 1, it's because I don't want ya'll computers to lag like a mofo.
Anyways, here's the sexy classic Camaro.

FD Final-33

FD Final-35

FD Final-36
Cressidas from Serial Nine.

FD Final-34
Checking in session.

FD Final-37
White on White fitted Rx-8.

FD Final-38

FD Final-39
Shuppa Sexy S13 conv.

FD Final-40
Everyone has their own taste in modding. I don't dig lambo doors on a non-lambo car, but props on going with a unique route.

FD Final-41

FD Final-47

FD Final-42
That dude better not have stepped on those sexy wheels..which you can't see because this car will have its own Random Spotlight.

FD Final-44
Fitted GS.

FD Final-48
Fully painted RSs.

FD Final-49

FD Final-50
This Wagon looked pretty gnarly.

FD Final-51

FD Final-52
Whoa. Good looking Sonata on Linea Corse.

FD Final-53

FD Final-54
Seen this widebody Miata at Formula D in Long Beach. You have to see this car in person to see its true beauty.

FD Final-55
Another widebody Miata I drooled over for few minutes.

FD Final-56
Miata crew rolled in pretty deep! From what I've heard, the ones posted above are the OG guys and made the crew grow with some top quality ones.

FD Final-57

FD Final-58

FD Final-59
Rare classic wheels.

FD Final-61

FD Final-62

FD Final-63

FD Final-64
Very nice! Not heavily modded, but the overall style was sick!

FD Final-65

FD Final-66
It was funny how one of the techs from Ken Gushi's team came over to my friend's car asking if he can borrow some of his parts that were already on the car.

FD Final-67
Well done GS!

FD Final-68
Look at the size of those lips for the fronts. Yeap, fronts!

FD Final-69
Ooo yea!

FD Final-71
Wow! You don't see a setup like this on any Silvias.

FD Final-72
M2-Motoring xB.

FD Final-73

FD Final-74
Royal Origin!

FD Final-76
Finally got to see Minh's IS.

FD Final-75
Ruckus ❤

FD Final-78
Gutted out FC.

FD Final-79
Hellaflush Z.

FD Final-80

FD Final-81

FD Final-82

FD Final-83

FD Final-84
Not too common to see a RSX on VS-XXs.

FD Final-85

FD Final-86
This Z on Mag Blue TEs looked nice from the back.

FD Final-87
Manny's tC was looking good!

FD Final-88
Fitment approved.

FD Final-89
O shit! Stay tuned... (^-^)v

FD Final-99
That's it for right now. Much more photos later on! By the way, sorry about the domain problems I'm having right now. Blogspot is messing up big time!


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