Event Coverage | Formula Drift Round 7 - Title Fight (Pt. II)

October 10, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

FD Final-180
Drifting is such an awesome automotive sport people tend to look down upon. I should say it was popular back in the days when drifters from D1GP Japan came down to the states, but it seems like the popularity is growing back slowly, especially after hearing so many people attending Seattle's Formula D event, which eventually sold out. I didn't even imagine Saturday's event was going to have the biggest crowd out of all the FD events held at Irwindale. The main event, Top 16, started at 8pm and that's when the stands were usually filled with spectators, but it was already packed at around 5pm when the Top 32 was competing. Today, I'm going to share the rest of Fatlace's Slammed Society Showcase and a few drifting shots I took from the VIP stands. Our photographer, Jay Ebue, was in the track taking shots, so those photos/coverage will be shared within this week.

FD Final-100
There were more booths than last year that made this year's Formula D event more enjoyable. Companies are starting to come out to this event to promote their products because it is the biggest general automotive sport event. There's Alvin, owner of Import Fashion, getting in the shot (^_^) He's the owner of the G35 I did a Random Nightlight feature on at the bottom of this coverage. Import Fashion like a G!

FD Final-104
Next to HRE's booth was a Mustang that looked exactly like Vaughn Gitten Jr.'s. I think it was his but not the one he was drifting.

FD Final-107
This wheel was pretty sexy.

FD Final-101

FD Final-102
Chris Forsberg and Walker Wilkerson coming back from the track.

FD Final-103
Enkei RPF1s! Perfect set of track wheels.

FD Final-105
Fatlace crew chilling.

FD Final-108
A lot of spectators.

FD Final-109
The sound of V8 attracts everyone. Matt Powers going to his pit area.

FD Final-110
Fontana Nissan's booth displaying the track R32 we did a Random Nightlight on few months ago.

FD Final-111
Probably the busiest pit area is Falken's.

FD Final-112
Dai Yoshihara's Rocket Bunny S13, the Champion!

FD Final-113
Boso Garage's S15.

FD Final-114
I was walking around with 1013mm and spotted Matt Powers doing an interview. This guy is full of swag!

FD Final-118
Also spotted Vaughn Gitten Jr. doing an interview.

FD Final-117
Abbitt doing what he does best.

FD Final-119
Finally at the VIP area to watch the Top 32 compete! I should have applied for Media this year...next year for sure though!

FD Final-121
I've mentioned in the beginning about the stands already being packed at around 5pm. This photo explains it.

FD Final-122
Although I was in a good area, taking drifting shots was very difficult. Hope you guys understand.

FD Final-125

FD Final-130
Ryan Tuerck going all out!

FD Final-127
Spotted Speedhunter's photographer running with his baller lens.

FD Final-128
It was disappointing to see Fredric Aasbo crashing to the wall. The rear suspension seemed f'd up so no more rounds for him.

FD Final-129

FD Final-132

FD Final-134
Patrick Cyr and Rhys Millen going at it.

FD Final-131
Chris Forsberg joined along with the spectators.

FD Final-136

FD Final-137

FD Final-138
Vaughn Gitten Jr. and Mike Essa.

FD Final-140
Probably the best shot I took during the Top 32 competition. So that's about it with the drifting shots. I took much more but the rest came out like crap.

FD Final-144
I came across Big Abe doing a shoot here with one of 310 Tuner models. He was sweating pretty hard..

FD Final-150
Evo under APR's booth.

FD Final-149
If there are known models at an event, you'll come across the long haired grandpa at the left.

FD Final-151
CR-Z by Wraptivo.

FD Final-152
Those fully polished or chrome dipped Blitzs looked sexy!

FD Final-158
Because the sun was settled, it was time to take another walk around the showcase area to take better shots.

FD Final-159
1000+HP Supra! I love this car..

FD Final-160
Alex decided to strip out the custom paint done to his BBSs. WHY!!!! Sick stance though (^_^)

FD Final-161
Like the ride Minh!

FD Final-162
M2-Motoring's xB. I'll be shooting this car pretty soo, so stay tuned.

FD Final-163
One clean S14 that barely shows up at events or meets.

FD Final-164
Swaggy daggy! Gawd dam look at those wheels and the stance!

FD Final-165

FD Final-166
Subaru Forester on Rotiforms. What a surprise!

FD Final-167
Really clean Rx-8.

FD Final-168

FD Final-170
STi brothers.

FD Final-169
Loved the body work done to this GS.

FD Final-171

FD Final-172

FD Final-173

FD Final-174

FD Final-175

FD Final-176
Really liking this color combo.

FD Final-177

FD Final-178

FD Final-179
The aggressive sized wheels were good enough to sit perfectly aligned with the over-fenders.

FD Final-181
Fitted Sonata. Props again!

FD Final-182

FD Final-183
Domo was bored.

FD Final-184

FD Final-185

FD Final-193

FD Final-194

FD Final-195
Ou~ New sticker!

FD Final-196
Eddie's ride is such a win!

FD Final-197

FD Final-198
Clean RSX Type-Ss.

FD Final-199

FD Final-200
Nicely fitted Zs.

FD Final-211

FD Final-214
Custom paint on these S13s were gorgeous.

FD Final-215

FD Final-216
Fatlace trucks.

FD Final-217
Fit enough!?

FD Final-219
Aired out tC.

FD Final-221

FD Final-223
Good to see some news cars at the show.

FD Final-213
Ending the coverage with a shot of Dai Yoshihara and his S13. Hope everyone has a good week! I got some more Random Nightlight's coming up so keep yourselves updated on my Facebook fanpage!


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