Event Coverage | Hellaflush Japan at Fuji Speedway (Pt. I)

October 6, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Zee-Zayas | Words by William Lee

Hellaflush Japan-29
The highly anticipated event we were waiting for coverage on is finally being shared with the help of our photographer Zee-Zayas in Japan. Hellaflush is a very well-known event here in the United States and for the first time ever, Fatlace decided to go worldwide, organizing and hosting one in Japan @ Fuji Speedway. 
Without any doubt, I can say this particular style all started from Japan and inspired many around the world. I'm one of those guys who started with the Hellaflush scene and appreciated every single part of it. Personally, it wasn't just a style, but art. Many of you hellaflush haters just hate the fact that this style was not meant for a car to be functional, but that is totally absurd and false because it's only a part of it that applies to such a statement. I can write about this for days and I'll still be unsatisfied because of all this hate that's going around, but because this post is a coverage and Zee-Zayas and I want to show you guys how the Japanese do it, let's get on with the photos. Zee transferred these photos from his Ipad, so the quality might not be so good, but I want to thank him for traveling and covering this event for my blog.

Hellaflush Japan-9
VIP. Enough said.

Hellaflush Japan-10
An slammed Audi A4. Very unusual to see such a model being flushed.

Hellaflush Japan-11
Now this is even more rarer than the A4 posted above. Scions tCs are made but not sold in Japan. I'm guessing this particular model was bought from the US and brought back to Japan. It has the RS1 front lip and sitting on aggressive sized SSR wheels.

Hellaflush Japan-12
Slammed VW on what seems like BBS LMs.

Hellaflush Japan-30
I've seen tons of S13s modded like this one in the States. We tend to copy the style of Japanese cars and they try to copy ours.

Hellaflush Japan-14
A famous SC that was featured by Stance:Nation not too long ago.

Hellaflush Japan-1
Loving the color and fitment on this VW.

Hellaflush Japan-19
Wow. Literally a finger gap off the ground, this S6 Avant killed it!

Hellaflush Japan-20
Army force...

Hellaflush Japan-5
Those wheels look unique.

Hellaflush Japan-17
Seriously want to see a S13 on a Rocket Bunny kit in person.

Hellaflush Japan-21

Hellaflush Japan-3
Charcoal? Cement?

Hellaflush Japan-28
How about a VIP style BMW with a White on White theme.

Hellaflush Japan-27
O gawd...o gawd! Look at that body work!

Hellaflush Japan-18
You won't come across a fitted Panamera too often.

Hellaflush Japan-26
Oldies displayed in front of Work wheels.

Hellaflush Japan-15
In love with the new Work Meister series..

Hellaflush Japan-4
E46 M3 on Gold VIP Modular wheels.

Hellaflush Japan-16
Euro line.

Hellaflush Japan-6
This particular style is called Itasha.

Hellaflush Japan-7
New STi on concaved wheels.

Hellaflush Japan-22
Flushed out Fuga.

Hellaflush Japan-23
Some people might ask.. is it on air? In Japan..these guys drive the impossible..

Hellaflush Japan-8
VIP goodness.

Hellaflush Japan-24
With those drag tires, this EG looks powerful.

Hellaflush Japan-2
Checking out the engine bay.

Hellaflush Japan-25
Not too sure if this is all I can get from Zee, but if he does send more, I'll continue on with the coverage. Thanks again Zee!


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