Event Coverage | Hellaflush Japan (Pt.II) / Drift @ Mobara Race Circuit

October 8, 2011

Night-Import: Photography by Zee-Zayas | Words by William Lee

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-33
Zee-Zayas sent me some new and better photos from Japan's Hellaflush event that happened few weeks ago at Fuji Speedway. Seeing a few coverage's going around the net on this event, it makes me want to use all the money I have just to go to Japan and have fun! At first, I thought it was about the cars, which actually is the main reason why I want to go, but their style, culture, food, etc. seems to fit perfectly with my lifestyle. Who knows? I might head down there next year and go to random places with Zee and a few friends to do live coverage for you guys (^-^)v.
This coverage isn't so new from our last one, but there are some new cars and other things to share, so gogogo!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-25
Monsterous 2JZ Aristo! Loving the color, but what's more amazing is that engine specially tuned by Do-Luck.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-26
I was trying to find out what model this was from the BMW line, and found out it's a GT 5 series. Seems like the famous AF Imp magazine promotion car.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-28
That's a stance to be hella-approved!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-29
Haven't seen too many AME wheels here in the states.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-30
Not too extreme, but properly fitted Integra.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-32
This Toyota Carina looked like it grabbed attention.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-31
The inside was literally gutted out and here, the 3S-GE engine tuned by Beams, looks like it was freshly dropped in!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-37
Matte Black DC5.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-36

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-34
Sooo many car! AHHH!!!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-35
Night Import invades Japan.. coming soon..
There's nothing really new to Part 2 of this coverage, but we got to see some new cars and a better view of the crowd.

Now to another coverage Zee covered was a Drift event at Mobara Race Circuit. This is no D1GP status event where highly modified drift cars compete, but an overall family and Drift enthusiasts coming out to have fun.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-19
A common scene we might see near our local tracks, except that R33 :)

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-5

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-6
Cars rolling in.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-1

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-2

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-7
Silvias going at each other.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-9

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-10

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-11
Whoa! Reverse entry!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-14
and another!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-12

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-13

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-16

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-17
Yikes! I see the passenger enjoying or being scared.

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-18
I want to drift with my girlfriend in the car...

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-20

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-21
Harro ladies~!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-22
Uh oh..about to get serious!

HF,Mobara Race Circuit-23
Zee is working on a video as I'm writing this coverage so stay tuned! Also, congratulations to Zee on becoming a father! WOOT! His daughter's first car might be a Skyline R34! (I have no clue...just guessing..)


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