Event Coverage | Sideway Sundays (Oct. 23)

October 24, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Sideway Sundays-2
I'm having that feeling again while writing this coverage...dammit...and I say to myself, "Already a year?" I remember the days talking with the staffs of Sideway Sundays before the event was officially launched. There were a lot of things to discuss and few misunderstandings, but overall, I was satisfied and I'm sure it was the same for every company out there that contributed to this monthly event. To be honest with you guys, I was very disappointed with how this event started. Only those who knew about this event during early 2011 know what I'm talking about. The first Sideway Sundays was planned to be free for everyone except drifting participants, but what really screwed things up was the unpredictable weather. What should have been 'Rain or Shine' was cancelled because of a predicted rain weather forecast and everyone who planned to attend were either pissed or disappointed because on the day of the event, it was sunny! From then on, things went downhill. The actual first event was greeted by a thunderstorm, next event was way too hot, and it's been continuing on like that till yesterday. I'm not saying it’s someone’s fault and because a few staffs of my blog and I were a part of this event, there is really no one to blame. I'm just not satisfied with the overall turnout since the first event and hoped it was going to get better, but my expectations were not fulfilled. I tried my best and so did the others, so I guess this is how we conclude Sideway Sundays for this year. Don't worry if you didn't attend any of the events because it will continue on next year.
Anyways, let's get to the coverage on yesterday's final Sideway Sundays of 2011.

Sideway Sundays-1

Sideway Sundays-3
This FD from Falken was driven by JTP before Sideway Sundays started to make the layout for drifting inside the track. I had no clue the event was going to take place outside of the track yesterday.

Sideway Sundays-5
There were a good amount of drifters.

Sideway Sundays-4
Spotted this Miata on Volk TE37SLs.

Sideway Sundays-6
Like every event, Tony from Adams Motorsports was the MC.

Sideway Sundays-7
Finally seeing some decent looking amateur models. I think these girls are from Gimmie Girls Production or something. The next Super Street feature model, Ryan Oso(?), was with this group or maybe still is...not sure b/c the first time I saw her was at SmartWax with this company. Either way, seems like the quality is going up a bit..

Sideway Sundays-8
One of my favorite AE86s from JCCS few months ago.

Sideway Sundays-9
Keeping it simple.

Sideway Sundays-10

Sideway Sundays-11 Sideway Sundays-12

Sideway Sundays-42
Got to show some love to my boy Henry and his Varis Evo 9. I always like to support the cars I've featured and see how much they progress. There are some new things to the car, such as the new Varis front, AME wheels, etc. For his past feature, click here.

Sideway Sundays-14

Sideway Sundays-16

Sideway Sundays-17

Sideway Sundays-18

Sideway Sundays-15
1UP members.

Sideway Sundays-19

Sideway Sundays-20
These guys go beyond the common Miata look.

Sideway Sundays-21
Terry's Miata from team Infinit.

Sideway Sundays-22
Always good to see Eddie's Camaro.

Sideway Sundays-23
xB swag.

Sideway Sundays-24
It has to be on air...right?...

Sideway Sundays-25
Low N Slow baby! Catched Jesse before he left.

Sideway Sundays-26
1UZ AE86.

Sideway Sundays-27
Flawless execution.

Sideway Sundays-40
The a$$es

Sideway Sundays-28

Sideway Sundays-29

Sideway Sundays-30
Bimmer friends.

Sideway Sundays-31

Sideway Sundays-32

Sideway Sundays-33

Sideway Sundays-34

Sideway Sundays-35

Sideway Sundays-37

Sideway Sundays-38

Sideway Sundays-39

Sideway Sundays-36
I think all of these rides were from SoCalDriven.

Sideway Sundays-43
Hit up the site winahotimport or call to participate in the raffle.

Sideway Sundays-44
Looks like Anthony's RHD CR-X from Infinit.

Sideway Sundays-45
JDM Sport getting big!

Sideway Sundays-46
Dam it was hot...


Sideway Sundays-48
While heading back to my car to leave, I spotted this Skyline GT-T R34. There's like a long story behind this one according to some people, but I'm not going to say anything because I have no clue.

Sideway Sundays-50
A lot of AE86s, Zs, Silvias participating to drift.

Sideway Sundays-52
Haven't seen Tony's ride in a long time.

Sideway Sundays-53
Ending the last Sideway Sundays coverage with this sexy RPS13. It was a great year and hope it blows up next year!


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