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October 9, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Alvin's G35 6
Only those who know Alvin, owner of Import Fashion, knew about the transformation his G35 was going through. Actually, let me take that back; even those who knew Alvin had no idea what kind of a makeover was planned for his car. I've personally known Alvin for about less than year now and seen his car only once before it went to the shop. He was also my photography buddy at SEMA 2010 and that's even when his car was stored in the garage. But all of those who were active back in the days when HIN was booming knew about Alvin's ride because of its looks and uniqueness.
Finally, the long awaited G35 is born again with an even sexier, catchier, and stylish look that no other car can even dare to imitate. Here is Import Fashion's baby, Gina.

Alvin's G35 1
It was all about being patient for his car to be done, and I'm sure the long wait was worth it. Right after he brought his car back from the shop, he decided to do some final preps and debut it at Formula D's Car Show hosted by Fatlace. I was pretty excited to finally see the car again and upon arrival to the showcase lot, the first car that came into my eyes was the one I expected.

Alvin's G35 5
First off, I have to give credit to AA Autoworks. These guys are known for working on cars that were featured on famous automotive magazines and car teams in SoCal. Alvin's ride came out flawless!

Alvin's G35 4 Alvin's G35 2
The story on his choice of paint starts from one rendered photo that was pretty popular on almost every website. I can't tell you guys the specifics because Alvin didn't share the details, but he is satisfied with how the car came out. One modification you usually don't see on G35s is the Carbon Fiber top you see above. Alvin took one step higher and went all out to be different.

Alvin's G35 8
Now to my personal favorite, the wheels! Alvin's previous set were Work VS-XXs painted in Orange that had an aggressive offset, but compared to what he has right now, it is incomparable. These sexy Leon Harditt Ordens went through a makeover like the color of his car. Faces were Gold plated and the sizes were customized to tuck into the fenders when lowered on air suspension. The wheels itself is one of the most expensive sets in the market, but Gold plating them? Holy shit!

Alvin's G35 3
I love Alvin's car and his blog as well; Import Fashion. He's been working hard since day one and has been going around SoCal covering various events and photoshoots, especially in the Model industry. I'm not talking about those models you see at local car meets or small events, but the ones that are on the top, such as Nikita Esco, Eva Skye, Ela Pasion, and much more.

Alvin's G35
I'm going to end this small but memorable feature on Alvin's ride with this shot in the sunlight. Like Alvin, the car will be blinging 24/7. Love the ride buddy and thank you for support my blog!


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