Special Coverage | Eagle Rock Plaza 2nd Car Meet

October 1, 2011

Night-Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Eagle Rock-48
Yesterday night will be one of those memorable moments of my time being in the automotive scene exploring car meets because of going through 6+ bumps in Eagle Rock plaza that literally ripped off my front lip because of being too low and having to come out of my car every time I went over one because my bumper fell off, but also because I attended a car meet held at a permitted lot!
This was my first time attending this meet after hearing others the 1st one was epic, so I didn't know what to expect. O yea, just a heads up, from now on my coverage on events or meets will have a title on the cover photo. I usually just post a photo that goes along with the whole event/meet, but seems like some of you guys liked/wanted a title on it, so look forward to seeing poor title fonts (^_^)v.

Eagle Rock-33
This is where the entrance was to the meet lot. Unlike other meets, this one actually had staffs leading cars.. How much organized can a meet get?
That small bump at the left side...i hated those...

Eagle Rock-5
No tripod on this day, so the photos are going to be bit blurry, but at the right side were mostly Hondas. I was not a fan of their modification style, but good to see these guys coming out to support a meet.

Eagle Rock-1
Clean STi in front of the entrance.

Eagle Rock-2
Didn't expect to see a legendary classic Celica GT. For some reason, the car wasn't turning on or something so a few people had to push it.

Eagle Rock-3
I remember seeing this MR2 at TORC. Great fitment on VS-XXs.

Eagle Rock-4
Another one, but on bright ass Volks.

Eagle Rock-6
There were vendors at a meet! You see those tents at the back? Well there were some cars repping some of these vendors like this Vinyl wrapped M3 on Carbon Fiber overlay wheels.

Eagle Rock-8

Eagle Rock-13
A few Benzes and BMWs were repping Vossen wheels.

Eagle Rock-9
Loving the fitment on those BBSs.

Eagle Rock-7
Not a fan of this color combo but props on being unique.

Eagle Rock-10
Can't go wrong with an E36 on BBS RSs.

Eagle Rock-11
From Bimmerfest...well..most of these BMWs were spotted at that event.

Eagle Rock-12
I guess he'll be going home soon to slap on these wheels.

Eagle Rock-14
VIP flushness.

Eagle Rock-15
Nicely fitted STi on Work Emotion XD9s.

Eagle Rock-16

Eagle Rock-17
Supra MKIII on Enkei RPF1s.

Eagle Rock-18
Matte Black!

Eagle Rock-20

Eagle Rock-39
These Evos were looking good on the 5 spoke Advans I've been favoring the most this month.

Eagle Rock-25

Eagle Rock-26

Eagle Rock-27
Didn't expect to see Team Ar-Kan.

Eagle Rock-28
S2000 with a Cusco Roll cage and sitting on Enkei NT03+Ms.

Eagle Rock-29
Corolla on Work Meisters repping HFD.

Eagle Rock-30
Very good turnout!

Eagle Rock-31

Eagle Rock-34

Eagle Rock-32
Few more sexy classics.

Eagle Rock-36

Eagle Rock-38
EG from Team Infinit.

Eagle Rock-40

Eagle Rock-41
Me likey!

Eagle Rock-42
O shit! A cop! He was cool though.

Eagle Rock-43
Like I always say...wherever I go...I'll spot people faking the funk. Now..if you're going to fake something (this is totally different from rocking fake parts), at least have some wheels that look similar to the original ones...you know what..just don't fake the funk.

Eagle Rock-44

Eagle Rock-45
I'm sure that wasn't an authentic HKS intercooler...

Eagle Rock-46
An unusual choice of wheels for a Rx-8.

Eagle Rock-47
Widebody Porsche Cayman. No clue on what bodykit that is.

Eagle Rock-50
Random shot!

Eagle Rock-51
Look who dropped by? Fatlace!

Eagle Rock-37
Yogi riding in style~

Eagle Rock-52
Slow Kuruma's R35 breaking necks.

Eagle Rock-53
VIP GS rolling in.

Eagle Rock-54
Photoshoot in session...

Eagle Rock-55
Love Jon Jon's IS. It's amazing how a non-VIP platform car dominating VIP categories at car shows.

Eagle Rock-56
Of course, 1UP x It's JDM yO!

Eagle Rock-57
xBs from bB Squad.

Eagle Rock-49
Last shot I took before heading out to another car meet.

Had a great time meeting new people and cars. I'll probably have to be more careful next time when going here because it's really a biatch to go up to this plaza...anyways, looking forward to the next meet!


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