Random Nightlight | Drive to Greddy with Edgar

November 16, 2011

Night Import: Video and Words by William Lee

I've driven my car in dangerous situations numerous times, but today was different. On Friday, I dropped by my friend's house to give him something and after, while getting on to a freeway, I heard a cranking noise and all of a sudden, my car started to vibrate like crazy! Later on, I found out the driver's side axle was broken... (ㅜㅜ). I wasn't actually too surprised because the car was stable for a good 50k miles with -3 camber and extremely lowered. Anyways, I dropped by City Tires Online today to get it checked and scheduled an appointment tomorrow to rebuild the axle.
The problem was that I had a meeting with Greddy at 5:30pm and I was in a tough situation; either drive my car in its current condition or just go home. Luckily and thankfully, our editor Edgar Lozoya had some time to help me out, so we drove all the way to Greddy, headed to a meet at La Habra, and now, back to my pad. While going to Greddy, I recorded this short clip for you guys to listen to our small conversation and his supercharged G35. Enjoy~


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